Why Chinese Women Wear Jade Bracelets

An Asian woman holding a jade bracelet and necklace.

Chinese women love their jade bracelets, and they always look stunning wearing them. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Chinese women love their jade bracelets, and they always look stunning wearing them.

The simple elegance of a green jade bracelet seems to perfectly match Asian features and skin tones.

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Jade bracelets can be dressed up or down easily. To dress down: add leather, earthy tones, and casual dress. To dress up: wear with gold, silver, or sparkling precious stones, Chinese silk, or formal attire.

To choose and fit a jade bracelet, visit a specialty Chinese jeweler, as they are specially measured for a very tight fit against the wrist — so they are comfortable and won’t get in the way. However, getting them on and off is not comfortable! Oil, soap, or a plastic bag can help:

Once put on, jade bracelets are left on for years, or even decades. They should be worn on the left arm.

A valuable piece of jade has fewer flaws. When looking at jade, a smooth even finish with translucency and intense color is preferable. However, choose a bangle that speaks to you, as Chinese women believe that jade is alive, and will attune itself to your energies.

Yu, living and protective amulets and jade bracelets

Jade, or Yu, has been prized by Chinese people for over 7,000 years. Its value is comparable to gold and diamonds in the West.

Screenshot 2015-07-08 20.59.09
In China. jade is considered more valuable than gold, and it can protect and heal the wearer.  (Screenshot via YouTube)

In China, it is believed that jade is a living thing that protects and heals the body and spirit of the wearer from malevolent forces. Chinese women believe that the jade bracelet protects from harm, and will break or chip as it takes the brunt of a possible fall or injury.

Chinese believe jade is a living thing and that only you can wear your piece of jade, like your jade bracelets.
Chinese believe jade is a living thing and that only you can wear your piece of jade, like your jade bracelets. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

As a living being, the more jade is worn, the clearer, purer, and more powerful it becomes. If the jade becomes cloudy or dull, it indicates there is a lot of negativity or illness being absorbed by the jade.

Screenshot 2015-07-08 21.03.17
If you are healthy, your jade will be shiny and bright; if unhealthy, it will turn cloudy and dull. (Screenshot via YouTube)

I’ve even heard some Chinese women advise others that jade should be worn and not tucked away in a box, otherwise it will turn white and die.

Chinese parents often give a jade bracelet as a gift to their daughters as a symbol of their love and protection. The wisdom and mystery of jade are passed down from mother to daughter as folk law.

For Chinese people, jade is understood as a symbol that represents the virtues of compassion, courage, justice, wisdom, and modesty.

How to spot a fake when shopping for jade

So, you’re sold on the whole jade idea, and you want to see for yourself if jade will work some positive energy into your life? Great idea!

Screenshot 2015-07-08 20.57.08
Real jade comes in two forms, with jadeite being the rarest and most expensive. (Screenshot via YouTube)

The next step is visiting your local Chinese jewelers. The shop assistant should be a helpful guide on this; however, to show that you too know a thing or two about jade, watch this video. The Chinese jade marketeer shares the tricks of her trade:

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