Chinese Face Reading: How Ear Shape Determines Personality

older womans face smiling this photo is black and white and shot from the side so we see her ears

In Chinese physiognomy, also known as “Chinese face reading,” ears can reveal your character. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)

In Chinese physiognomy, also known as “Chinese face reading,” ear shape determines personality. If you have good-looking ears, it usually indicates that you are intelligent, will live a long life, are wealthy, and are of a high status. Let’s examine the unique characteristics associated with the appearance of your ears.

Ear shape determines personality

Hard, thick, long ears

Some people have ears that are firm, thick, and large. A person whose ears have these features is often fond of sports, is robust, and is rarely ill.

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Chiseled ears

An individual with chiseled ears is smart and studious. They tend to do their best at things that interest them, and they solve problems with intelligence and wisdom.

Ear shape determines personality.
Some people have ears that are firm, thick, and large. A person whose ears have these features is often fond of sports, is robust, and is rarely ill. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Thick, big, pendulous earlobes

Those who have thick, big, pendulous earlobes have good luck in money matters and with health. They are successful in their careers and are quick to seize opportunities. They rely on their own efforts and the support of others to achieve a comfortable standard of living. They are also mentally stable, and able to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Ears lying close to the head

Only a small part of the ears that lies close to the head is visible from the front. Someone with this ear type has excellent managerial and investment skills, and is typically wealthy. They frequently receive assistance from successful entrepreneurs when encountering financial difficulties. Luck accounts for a major portion of their success, but its attainment still requires strenuous effort.

Wide ‘ear gates’

“Ear gates” (耳門 ěr mén in Chinese) refer to the ear canal and its surrounding area. A person who has wide “ear gates” is generally gifted, a superb writer, and is able to succeed in many fields. They tend to view the long-term potential of new ideas and are very ambitious. Often preferring to engage in things that have development potential, they are able to achieve gains in a short period of time.

black and white photo of lady with fairly short hair as she looks down - her hair is parted to sit behind and in front so we can see her ears
The physical characteristics of a person’s ears provide clues about his or her personality traits and status in life. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Ruddy, shiny ears

In physiognomy, an ear with a reddish, glossy appearance is preferred. An individual who has this characteristic usually realizes opportunities that lead to notoriety and fame.

Ears lighter in color than the face

This is a desirable characteristic. By virtue of their wisdom, those who have this feature are often leaders in their fields and command prestige.

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