Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Flutist Wins the Hearts of Her Audience

During my recent trip to Chicago, I attended a special noonday concert sponsored by the Musician’s Club of Women at the Fourth Presbyterian Church on Friday, September 1, 2017.

The performance was performed by flutist Kathryn Flum, a poised and accomplished flutist who was recently Coordinator of Woodwinds at DePaul University in Chicago. She was accompanied by Ms. Beilan Han at the piano.

Ms. Flum’s first piece of music was “The Carnival of Venice, OP. 78,” which was performed flawlessly despite the length of this particular piece.

She captivated her audience throughout her performance with a beautiful tone, grace, and fluency of the music performed on a flute.
On a personal level, I was completely mesmerized by her artistry and magical tone, putting her entire heart and soul into the sound of each note. A friend commented,
“Listening to the beautiful tones made me feel as though I was in the presence of heaven, feeling serene and joyful.”

Quoting the following U.S.A. stations and publications: Public Broadcasting System (PBS), “breathtaking;” Chicago Classical Review, “performed with just the right light touch;” the Chicago Tribune, “poignant.”

Praised for her beautiful tone and heart rendering musicality, Ms. Flum consistently performs with musicians and ensembles, such as the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s Music NOW series, the Lyric Opera of Chicago, the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, The Grant Park Music Festival Orchestra, the Chicago Philharmonic, the Chicago Bach Project with Soli Deo Gloria, the Chicago Chamber Musicians, Fulcrum Point New Music Project, eight blackbird, and Yo Yo Ma. In addition, Kathryn can be heard performing on recordings through CRC studios, Carl Fisher Publications, and 98.7 WFMT-Chicago radio station.

Kathryn received her Bachelor of Music in Performance from Northern Arizona University, her Master of Music in Performance with Distinction from DePaul University, and is currently a Doctor of Music Arts candidate at the University of North Texas, where she is a member of the Honors Graduate Woodwind Quintet as well as teaching classes.

I was able to capture the brilliance of this performance by Ms. Flum, which I am sharing with all of my readers in this link.

It was, needless to say, one of the highlights of my visit to Chicago.  Enjoy the video.

Contributing journalist: Nina Yeung, video contributed by: Madlyn Daniel

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Hermann Rohr
Hermann Rohr is a Travel, Lifestyle, and Culture, journalist based in Leverkusen, Germany. He has always been interested in the "human state", what keeps the world together and moves it from within. These days, Hermann spends most of his creative time, editing, writing and filming outstanding content for Nspirement.

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