Luxury Jewelry Auction at Christie’s in Hong Kong

Christie's Hong Kong shows that auctions are more than a place to buy second-hand or antique items. (Image: Zheng Wu Li)

As soon as most people hear the word auction, they instinctively think of second-hand items or antiques. But auctions are more than that, and they offer a diverse variety of items, such as luxury jewelry.

In Hong Kong, the Fall auction at Christie’s, soon to kick off, offers much more than the normal auction.

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Lovers of luxury jewelry and fine watches, handbags, and more will find satisfaction at what Christie’s Fall Auction promises to offer them.

Jade Amulet. Part of Christie Collection of luxury jewelry at the Hong Kong Luxury Auction.
Jade amulet. Part of the Christie Collection at the Hong Kong Luxury Auction. (Photo: Zheng Wu Li)

Each piece is a work of art, masterfully crafted and executed, with utmost attention to detail.

Emerald’s are the favorite luxury jewelry stone

Of the many varieties of colored stones, emeralds are the ladies’ favorite.

Precious stones like diamonds all carry a unique story surrounding the rise or fall of a family, and are usually passed down within the family or dynasty.

It is these precious pieces of jewelry that accompany those lucky enough to wear them through both times of romance and phases of sadness.

Humans are naturally attracted by the esthetics and the beauty of things.

Enjoy the eye-catching beauty of some of the luxury jewelry pieces in the following video:

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