4 Parts of Your Body You Need to Keep Warm In Cold Weather

Woman with blue hat and mittens drinking hot beverage from a snowman mug outside while snow lightly falls.

When the weather turns cold, keeping warm is a must. (Image via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Temperature changes a lot during the period between summer and autumn. When the weather turns, it is imperative to keep warm in cold weather. We have different ideas and perceptions of cold, but is cold always bad, or can it be good for us?

We look at the effects of cold weather, particularly the effects on health and how the human body responds to low temperatures, and the effects of winter. Some effects are as you might expect, while others are surprising.

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Your health can be affected for good or ill depending on your response to the different aspects of winter. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) points out 4 parts of your body you especially need to keep warm in cold weather.

These are four body parts you need to keep warm in cold weather

1. Belly button

The belly button is an acupuncture point connected to the internal organs, and is a gateway against external pathogens. It delivers qi and blood to the entire body.

2. Head

Your head is the “gathering place of yang” in your body. If your head catches cold, your body will lose most of its yang qi. There is a point at the center of your head that aggregates yang qi.

3. Feet

If your feet become cold, your internal organs will be affected. You should wear thick socks in winter, and have warm foot baths. Massaging the acupoints can stimulate blood circulation.

You must keep warm in cold weather.
If your feet become cold, your internal organs will be affected. (Image via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

4. Joints

In early winter when the weather turns cold, lumbar muscle strain becomes more serious. The knee joint is vulnerable to cold, and when it becomes cold, blood circulation is affected, which can lead to arthritis. Children and the elderly don’t adjust well, and it’s easy for them to become ill when they get cold.

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