Try These 7 Little Known Travel Destinations in China

Little Known Travel Destinations In China

While there are many famous travel destinations in China, they are often overcrowded and can be shockingly expensive. However, there are many other beautiful places to visit that may not be as famous, but they are far less crowded and far cheaper to visit.

Travel destinations in China

Historic Jinxi Town in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province: Southern China’s charm

Historic cities in southern China can be found everywhere. But once they undergo modernization, no matter how beautiful they once were, or how many well-known people throughout history lived there, the atmosphere and charm vanish.

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An emperor’s concubine in the Song Dynasty was buried in the quiet old town of Jinxi. Along the alley near the river, you can occasionally hear traditional opera performances. In the resonating tones and the rich voices, people find peace.

Fujian Province’s Xiapu County: World’s most beautiful beaches

Fujian’s Xiapu County features highly unique folk customs and natural scenery. You can watch the hardworking Hui’an maidens go about their day, the architectural wonders of the Yongding County Hakka round houses, and the perfect vista of fishermen and their nets along the beach while the sun is setting — all worth the experience.

The red lands of Dongchuan in Yunnan: An astonishing masterpiece of nature

There is an abundance of beautiful scenery in Dongchuan, Yunnan Province, yet this region is often left off the tourist trail. But photography lovers will be amazed by this colorful land and its soft, melodic curves. Whether in shadow or sun, Yunnan is a kaleidoscope of gorgeous colors.

Zhenyuan in Guizhou: A quiet town to escape from the crowds

Zhenyuan in Guizhou Province is a small and quiet town. Its main features are the ancient buildings lining the river banks. Not many tourists come to this small town, so it is a good place to avoid the crowds.

Bama in Guangxi Province: Renowned for long life and beauty

Bama is famous for the long lifespan of its inhabitants. The peaceful and beautiful landscapes probably help its inhabitants to live over 100 years.

Adjacent to Bama, there is a paradise called Fengshan. The scenery is even more breathtaking. The locals here also live long, yet it is a lesser-known area.

Luzhou: Colorful paper umbrellas in the rain

Luzhou is not only known for its wine, it also produces stunning oil-paper umbrellas. Seeing them gives a sense of China’s classical style.

In addition to enjoying traditional handmade crafts, you can also go to Qianwei to see narrow gauge steam locomotives. It is said that when the descendants of steam engine innovator James Watt came to China, they were moved to tears when they saw that these ancient steam locomotives were still in use.

Danba County in Sichuan Province: Ancient kingdom of thousands of Tibetan stone houses

The Tibetan stone houses built in the mountains of Danba County by the ancestors of the Jiarong people, a Tibetan sub-ethnicity, are architectural masterpieces. They still remain sturdy, even after a severe earthquake.

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