Using Feng Shui to Understand China Central Television’s Scandals

Are China Central Television's scandals caused by bad feng shui? (Image: FlickreviewR via wikimedia)

Feng shui could have predicted all of the reports of corruption and sex scandals at China Central Television (CCTV) that have been quite common in recent years. Outsiders have described the network as both a “harem” and “brothel” to CCP senior officials. Various staff members have been replaced, and some were even arrested.

What could have been the cause of the bad luck that drew all these scandals to the network?

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According to a feng shui analysis, all the negativity has resulted from the shape of CCTV’s headquarters in Beijing.

Wen Xiangru, a feng shui master, presented this point of view in an article that was published by the Hong Kong media. According to Wen, the architectural design of the building gives people a sense of danger and distortion, bringing in bad elements from nature.

CCTV's feng shui clearly indicates the problems they have encountered over the years.
CCTV’s headquarters is made up of two leaning towers joined at the top – a bad Feng Shui example. (Image: Cmglee via wikimedia CC BY 2.0 )

The CCTV building is made up of two leaning towers linked by a section that meets at a 90-degree angle at the top, giving it the appearance of an inverted “U.” It is known in Beijing as the “big pants” building.

Feng shui of CCTV’s building points out many problems

Even those who do not know about feng shui have commented that this type of design is not reliable. According to feng shui analysis, since there are no other tall buildings nearby and the surrounding skyline is empty, this depicts that the building has no support. When there is no support for a building, it gives rise to personality problems for the occupants.

The crisscross pattern on the external glass walls has the look of a fishing net. Again, the feng shui analysis is negative. The meaning is that it hinders personal development as though people’s hands and feet are tied with too many restrictions.

The feng shui of this building clearly indicates the problems they have encountered over the years.
The crisscross pattern on the external glass walls looks like a fishing net. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Finally, the three-dimensional hexagonal shape of the structure looks like a peach. Since the peach is used in feng shui to attract romance, sex scandals are inevitable.

The CCTV building was designed by Dutch architect Rem Kolhaas in coloboration with German architect Ole Scheeren.

Kolhaas admitted that he designed the building as a pornographic joke. He said that the main building was intended to look like a naked woman on her knees with her backside facing the viewer and the annex building was meant to represent a phallus.

Kolhaas’ admission stirred up a strong reaction from Chinese Internet users. Some felt that Kolhaas had humiliated every man in China. Others pointed out that CCTV does not represent the entire nation, and that the ones to blame should be CCTV management themselves.

Translated by: Chua BC

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