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Feng Shui Master Chen Lang’s Last Words

Li Ka-shing, a Hong Kong billionaire, started out as a small businessman at the age of 30. At a reception, he met Chen Lang, one of the 10 most famous feng shui masters in Hong Kong at that time.

Chen Lang read Li’s fortune and jokingly asked Li: “How much wealth do you want in order to satisfy yourself?” Li answered: “If I could have $30 million, I would be very satisfied.”

Chen Lang then told Li: “In your life, your wealth will not top out. It has no limit. You will become the richest person in Hong Kong!”

Chen Lang told Li Ka Shing that he would be the wealthiest man in Hong Kong.
Li Ka-shing is regarded as the wealthiest man in Hong Kong. (Image: Stanford University School of Medicine via Flickr)

Chen Lang’s last  words

Feng shui master Chen Lang passed away on January 29, 2007 at the age of 78 in Yanghe Hospital, Hong Kong. Before Chen Lang’s death, many tycoons visited him privately at the hospital. These rich and powerful individuals are all people whom Chen Lang had helped sincerely. Chen Lang’s last words (said in the hospital) before his death were the following:

“The reason why I helped you all is because all of you can help many other people. In actual fact, all rich people reap their blessings (wealth and status) not from one lifetime, but from having accumulated them over many lifetimes by doing good deeds, minding their virtue, showing filial piety, and saving sentient beings.

“Nowadays, a lot of people take the wrong path. They resort to underhanded tactics and misuse their power and modern technical knowledge in an effort to earn money. They do not know that everything comes from fate. They must have built up their own virtues and good deeds before they can reap the fruits; only then would I be able to give my help.

“Why I am suffering now (referring to the three operations he underwent in Hong Kong) is because I helped you all to change your fate and to enable you all to succeed early so that you can help more people. The things that I have done are all against the will of heaven, so I have to undergo punishment. All things happen for a reason.

According to Mr Chan, people will be fated to succeed if they have planted the seeds for success by minding their virtue. (Image via pixabay / CC0 1.0)
According to Chen, people will be fated to succeed if they have planted the seeds for success by minding their virtue. (Image: via Pixabay)

“To succeed is all fated, apart from planting your own fruits of fortune, which are your merits or virtue. There is an old saying: “Harmony breeds wealth.” You must treat people with sincerity and courtesy in order to reap merits. These will be the people who will help you in return to be successful in the future. Do not be arrogant when you are rich, as this will take away your blessings. In the I-Ching, it was also stated that humility is rewarded in human affairs.

“Regardless of your position in human society, humility is a deceptively powerful attribute. If you are in a high position but remain humble, people will be drawn to you and causes that you espouse. True humility is a virtue that benefits all and to which all should aspire.

“In doing business, take the right path according to the rules and ethics. Be patient for these things will plant blessings that bring fortune and merits. A good fate will come naturally and success is only a matter of time. This is also to set good examples for other people to learn and follow.

Blessings cannot be calculated by the billions. Do not take a crooked way or else the blessings will be gone very fast. Our lives actually have trillions of blessings. However, if you take a crooked way, you can lose tens of billions of blessings… you still think that you are successful, not knowing that there will be karmic retribution. It is not worth it.

Blessings cannot be calculated by the billions. (Image: via Pixabay)

“Now the world is bad. In order to seek position, status, and benefit, everyone is using unscrupulous tactics. The problem lies on the absence of holy religion, sages, and education. There is no shame, morality, or ethics among people. If all of you want to have wealth and blessings for many generations down the line, it is important to advocate holy religion. Everyone must have ethical behavior. Then there will be less man-made disasters, and natural disasters will also be lessened.

“The influences of you people are very great. Build good schools, train good teachers, and develop good education. When China is stable, everyone all over the world will naturally come to learn. To do all these things in order to plant blessings on earth is the greatest compassion. Whoever advocates these will benefit.”

Translated by Chua BC

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