What Are the Benefits of Curry and Cinnamon for Your Health?

Curry powder is a mix of various spices that are dry roasted using low heat and blended together. (Image: via Wikimedia Commons)

Two of the most important spice ingredients in Indian cooking are curry and cinnamon. Used for centuries, these spices not only make food delicious, but also offer incredible health benefits to the body — from a simple help with digestion to even fighting against major diseases like cancer. And for anyone planning to use more of these spices in their meals, a knowledge of how they contribute to health is definitely warranted.

Why should you start using curry powder?

Curry powder is a mix of various spices that are dry roasted using low heat and blended together. From a nutritional perspective, it contains everything from proteins, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins. A big benefit of curry powder is that it is excellent for digestion by aiding proper bowel movements. The powder is also known to have strong antibacterial properties and is excellent at protecting the body from infections.

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Curry powder is also useful for detoxifying the liver. The turmeric in the powder acts on tumors and other inflammation, while at the same time improving the health of the liver. The body’s metabolism rate has also been observed to increase on consuming curry powder. And this, in turn, becomes very useful in taking the nutrients in the food right into your body.

The basil and cardamom in curry powder act as vasodilators and help keep heart diseases at bay. The fiber in the powder regulates cholesterol, thereby minimizing the chances of irregular blood pressure.

Curry and cinnamon are widely used in Indian cooking.
Curry is a huge package of flavor that is boosted with spiciness, heat, and an earthiness. (Image: TeeFarm via Pixabay)

Antioxidants in the powder help in preventing oxidative damages to the tissues of the body, postponing the ill effects of aging. In addition, turmeric combats wrinkles, while also contributing greatly in smoothening out other aging signs.

On an average, 100 grams of curry powder contains about 19 percent calcium. And this definitely aids in maintaining the density of your bones. In addition, ingredients like magnesium and phosphorus also contribute to bone health and development.

Curry powder is also great when it comes to mental health. The turmeric helps build up a stronger immune system by removing toxins polluting the body. Plus, the plaque in the neural pathways is also removed, which eliminates chances of memory issues faced by many people. In fact, several studies have found that people who eat meals with curry powder are less impacted by Alzheimer’s and other diseases.

The curcumin component of the curry powder combats cancer and tumorous cells. Plus, the antioxidants in the powder also work to keep the growth of cancer cells in check.

Some amazing benefits of cinnamon

There are about 41 compounds in cinnamon that protect your body by reducing the effect of free radicals. It contains antioxidants like flavonoids and polyphenols, which act against oxidative stress and prevents it from causing various diseases. The anti-inflammatory effect of cinnamon can be incredibly useful in cutting back the risk of cancer and heart disease, while improving brain function.

There are about 41 compounds in cinnamon that protect our body by reducing the effect of free radicals. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)
There are about 41 compounds in cinnamon that protect your body by reducing the effect of free radicals. (Image: 5389939 via Pixabay)

Cinnamon also decreases blood sugar levels and works against diabetes. In fact, people who consume cinnamon extract are expected to see a big change in blood sugar markers that help them regulate type 2 diabetes. Plus, the antibiotic nature of cinnamon also enables it to safeguard the skin from conditions like allergies, rashes, and infections.

Given the above benefits of curry powder and cinnamon, it might be a good idea for you to start using them in your cooking.

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