Why Chinese Arts Are Considered Part of a Healthy Cultivation

Playing the erhu.

Among all the activities designed to enrich the body and mind of a human being, Chinese painting, calligraphy, and music have a special place. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Among all the activities designed to enrich the body and mind of a human being, the Chinese arts of painting, calligraphy, and music have a special place. Being an ancient civilization, the Chinese have had thousands of years to perfect these three arts.

What the Chinese arts of painting and calligraphy can do for you

Both the Chinese arts of painting and calligraphy have similarities in that they place a strong emphasis on the “soul” aspect of their art. This is in complete contradiction to Western art, which solely focused on methods and practices while spending no time on understanding the “soul” of the art being produced.

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One of the elements of Chinese painting is the “spirit resonance.” It denotes the energy that exists within the theme of the painting and the painter. When expressed in the form of human emotions, spirit resonance is quite intense and is felt as a vibration in the chest region that can help the person discover their true talents and abilities. And it is because of this reason that Chinese painting holds a high position as an art form fit for the cultivation of the mind.

And when it comes to calligraphy, the Chinese can be said to have explored it in ways that are much deeper than any other culture has done. And just as with painting, traditional calligraphy gives special focus to the spiritual side of things. The brushwork is said to evoke a meditative state in the user, as it requires fine control of breath.

The Chinese arts of painting and traditional calligraphy gives special focus to the spiritual side of things.
Just as with painting, traditional calligraphy gives special focus to the spiritual side of things. (Image: via Peter Griffin)

And the longer the person practices the art of Chinese calligraphy, the more engrossed he will be in the highest state of mind where they tend to forget everything except the way their brush moves. In addition to spiritual benefits, regular practice will also enable you to improve your hand-eye coordination.

The effects of Chinese music

Chinese music is one of the Chinese arts that is heavily derived from the philosophies of Confucius. It is believed that Confucius himself was a master of various musical instruments. He placed the knowledge of music second only to the knowledge of rituals when it came to the six important arts a person should study.

Unlike pop music, Chinese music is devoid of any beat or rhythm. This was done to avoid making the person feel the need to move the body, since that could lead to improper thoughts. By focusing on the sound of the instrument alone, the person will be in a position to connect with their deeper self, untainted with any temptation to indulge desires. In a way, Chinese music can be considered therapeutic for the mind and soul.

And just as with other types of traditional music, Chinese music is also good for improving your concentration. In addition, the way the music is structured will trigger your creative thoughts. The more you feel connected to the music, the more you can become creative and explore the full limits of your imagination.

So, if you have ever been curious about learning the Chinese arts of painting, calligraphy, and music, we suggest that you take a leap of faith and start exploring these subjects. The more you learn about Chinese arts, the more your mind will grow and learn to appreciate ancient traditions.

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