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Germany’s Victory over Sweden Puts Them Back on the Horse of the 2018 WC

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Hermann Rohr
Hermann Rohr is a Travel, Lifestyle, and Culture, journalist based in Leverkusen, Germany. He has always been interested in the "human state", what keeps the world together and moves it from within. These days, Hermann spends most of his creative time, editing, writing and filming outstanding content for Nspirement.

With a 2:1 victory against Sweden, the German national soccer team kept its chance of entering the next round at the 2018 Word Cup in Russia.

Facing both Sweden and the chance of being eliminated, the Germans, it seemed, fiercely took advantage of the full 95 minutes to finally get the result they needed.

Germany, for the first time in FIFA history, would have been eliminated from the world cup before even entering into the second round.

German fans all over the world sat full of anticipation as the German soccer team at first seemed to have their game on, just to slip into a shallow pit of uncertainty and unfocused ball control during the first half.

Then, it seemed like all hope was lost, when Sweden landed the 0-1 in the first half.

Germany needed at least a tie to gain the chance of making up Sweden’s point advantage.

Foot on the pedal

After being accused of playing a very drowsy game against Mexico, Germany seemed to have a heavy foot on the pedal this time, as they fired at the Swedish team in a battery of attacks.

Judging their overall performance, the Germans held up an unusually fast-passed match all throughout the game, leaving Swedish players resting with hands at their hips during some periods of the game.

For the longest time, however, it seemed like the breakthrough didn’t come, wouldn’t come. Sweden warded off attack after attack and even counter-kicked with a couple offensives of their own.

The game seemed to play out like a drama written in Hollywood, with Germany playing out a beautiful arc compared to their performance against Mexico previously.

Challenging moments

It wouldn’t have been the game it was had Sweden not shown Germany their hidden offensive, like in the 13th minute, when Sweden’s Berg made a break for it and almost landed one for Sweden, as German fans sighed in relief.

Still, Sweden had tasted the chance of success and managed to push forward placing the first goal of the match in the 32nd minute.

The first goal of the game:

It was after a bad giveaway by Germany that Sweden’s Ola Toivonen made a decisive tactical maneuver to ensure the ball was successfully played in by Sweden’s Viktor Claesson. With thundering applause and much to the surprise of the German side, Sweden took a 1-0 lead against Germany.

Germany goals

It seemed as if, from the beginning of the game and onwards, Germany had its mind made up about how it wanted to leave the field, seemingly imposing it’s will on the match as it progressed during the first quarter of the game.

It seemed like Germany lost their confidence after Sweden pulled away with the first goal.

Although Germany responded with chance after chance, attempt after attempt, they just couldn’t seem to penetrate the Swedish defenses.

As frustration made it’s round, finally in the 48th minute Germany’s Marco Reus, or more precisely his knee, tied the game 1-1 for Germany.

And suddenly, Germany seemed like they had been shaken up again from a deep sleep, pounding out one attack after another against Sweden, who bravely fended off each one, except the deciding one in the 83rd minute.

Germany,  7 minutes before the close of the game, was able to pull away into a lead, like Sweden did in the first half.

An epic battle ends

By the time Germany had finally gained the upper hand at 2-1 in the 82nd minute, they were down to 10men and seemed like a warring party in an epic battle.

While both teams played a very good game, in the end, it was Germany that was able to claim the winning goal.

Hopes are up

Hopes are up again regarding Germany. But it remains to be seen how they prevail against their upcoming challenges. Chances look good if they can keep up a strong, confident gameplay. Without a palantir, it is difficult to say how the games to come will play out.

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