Shining a Light on Access and Inclusion

Chicago's public art display asks viewers to consider how they can become a beacon for access and inclusion for people with disabilities. (Image: Monica Song via Nspirement)

Fifty-one 6-foot lighthouse sculptures on Chicago’s famed North Michigan Avenue will catch the public’s eye and capture their hearts this summer. Millions of visitors will see the diverse art display that asks the question: “How can I be a beacon for access and inclusion for people with disabilities?”

Lighthouses on the Mag Mile™ is being presented by The Chicago Lighthouse in partnership with Huber Financial Advisors, LLC, and many other visionary businesses and individuals, including The Magnificent Mile® Association.

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The lighthouse sculptures were created by national and local Chicago artists, many with disabilities, to shine a light on access and inclusion.
The lighthouse sculptures were created by national and local Chicago artists, many with disabilities. (Image: Monica Song via Nspirement)

Lighthouse exhibition shines light on access and inclusion

From June 19 through August 11, this world-class, free exhibition will include lighthouse sculptures created by national and local Chicago artists, many with disabilities. These inspired artists, along with more than 40 sponsoring business leaders, have risen to the challenge put forward by Chicago Lighthouse CEO Dr. Janet Szlyk. She said: “We all have a powerful role to play to make inclusion possible for people with disabilities. The challenge is to find your own sphere of influence and use it!”

Presenting sponsor David Huber, of Huber Financial Advisors, LLC, echoes Dr. Szlyk’s high priority call. “As someone who is visually impaired and was still able to establish his own business, I know first-hand what people with disabilities can bring to the table and what they can achieve if given the chance to do so,” he noted. “We are proud to join hands with The Chicago Lighthouse and the other visionaries involved in this effort to champion the causes of access and inclusion for people with disabilities.”

Please watch the video about the Lighthouses on the Mag Mile:

Self-guided tours of the lighthouses, which includes the artists speaking about their access and inclusion concept, will be available by downloading the OTOCAST App. This exhibit is accessible for those who are blind using the AWARE App. Both apps are available for FREE at the App Store or Google Play.

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