Visiting Taiwan? This Hiking Trail Is a Must See!

Taiwan's Zhuilu Trail in the Taroko National Park offers a thrilling climb with dream-like scenery. (Image: via NTDTV)

There is a hiking trail in Taiwan with such beautiful vistas that tourists say it’s an adventure you simply must take in your life. People come here for the dream-like scenery and the thrill of the climb.

The most popular route in the Taroko National Park is the Zhuilu Trail. The most magnificent scenic spot on this 6-mile trail is Zhuilu Cliff. As you walk along the narrow and winding gravel road next to this marble-walled cliff, you will see the Liwu River nearly half a mile below. Looking toward the horizon, you will enjoy the view of the Taroko Gorge. You can also visit the nearby Jiuqu Cave and waterfalls of the Zhongheng Road.

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A local Taiwanese tourist said: “I saw this on the Internet and I felt that in my lifetime I must come here. Now, my wish has come true.”

Another tourist said:

“It’s really beautiful — the magic of nature. The natural carving of the gorge is so extraordinary and precise.”

Zhuilu Trail is the remnant of the trail running along the Mount Hehuan Range. The trail is open to the public, spanning from Yanzikou at the Zhuilu Suspension Bridge to Badagang until the Great Cliff, and it ends at the Memorial Monument.

The most thrilling section of the Zhuilu Trail is the last 500 yards, which is about 0.7 miles above sea level. The Japanese refer to it as the first broken cliff in East Asia.

The hiking trail is a challenge to people who are not in shape

The trail is difficult and poses a challenge to people who seldom exercise. One foreign tourist said: “It has nice scenery, but it’s tiring to climb up. These elderly people nearby are having a hard time with it.”

To admire the spectacular scenery of the Taroko Gorge, be sure to climb to the top of the Zhuilu Trail for a grand view. A foreign tourist said: “From the trail on top of the cliff, I can see a lot of mountains and I can see flowing water below. It’s very beautiful.”

Translated by Chua BC and edited by Derek Padula

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