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iPhone XS Max Has Problems and Apple Is Shrugging

Apple’s iPhone XS Max is the biggest and the most expensive smartphone launched by the company. Even with its impressive CPU performance, the XS Max has one severe flaw — serious battery issues.

The battery for the iPhone XS Max

The problem with the iPhone XS Max battery is twofold. First, it has a very low battery life when compared to rival Samsung Note 9. According to a test conducted by the popular YouTube channel PhoneBuff, the XS Max battery was depleted while the Note 9 still had about 37 percent of its charge left. While Apple’s model comes with a 3,174mAh battery, Note 9 has a 4,000mAh battery.

But this does not fully explain why the iPhone XS Max performed poorly against its rival. After all, the iPhone XS Max is equipped with a more efficient 7nm chip while Note 9 comes with a 10nm processor. “Depending on the use cases, the XS Max battery could be sufficient for a lot of people. But if you use intensive apps such as games and social media and still want all-day battery life, the Note 9 could be a great choice,” according to an article at ValueWalk.

The second issue is with charging. Some XS Max phones have been reported as not being able to charge at all. Several angry customers who called up Apple’s support line were advised to replace the phone. It was later found that the problem was not with the phone’s hardware, but with its iOS 12 operating system. Apple quickly worked on the issue and has released the Beta 2 version of iOS 12.1. The final version will be released by the end of October.

The iPhone XS Max couldn't charge because of a problem with its iOS 12 operating system.
A problem with its iOS 12 operating system prevented Apple’s XS Max phone from charging. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

However, people have been critical of Apple’s poor handling of the complaints. “They are pretty much known for not really handling it, they will steer as far away from acknowledging it as a problem as possible, and just make a statement about how we are using it wrong,” popular YouTuber Marques Brownlee said to Forbes.

New battery technologies

Apple is rumored to be exploring new battery technologies to improve the performance of its next model. While some experts predict that Apple will adopt Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPCB) technology for batteries, others, like analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, say that the company will instead be using Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Board (RFPCB) batteries in iPhones very soon.

“For this he gave two reasons: FPCB requires a connector or hotbar that would consume more space, and the power integrated circuit can be mounted on the rigid part of an RFPCB with surface mount technology, which he said makes for a ‘superior battery,’” according to an article at Apple Insider.

There are also several tech companies working toward creating next-gen high-efficiency batteries. One that shows incredible promise is Power Japan Plus, which announced its new battery technology, dubbed “Ryden Dual Carbon.” The battery will charge 20 times faster than current lithium-ion batteries, last longer up to 3,000 cycles, and is much safer with fewer chances of an explosion.

There are also several tech companies working toward creating next-gen high-efficiency batteries. (Image: via Max Pixel)

To sweeten the deal, it can also be manufactured in the same factories where lithium batteries are produced. The batteries will be made from carbon materials, which makes them more environmentally friendly.

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