5 Things You Can Do to Change Your Future

A sunset with clouds.

By giving less attention to imperfection, beauty can be found anywhere. (Image: Elroy Serrao via Flickr)

Many of us wish we had been born into a rich family, or that our life would run more smoothly more often. Well, you can’t change the family you were born into, nor is good luck granted simply by wishing for it, but there are wats to change your future and improve the life you do have.

5 ways to change your future

1. What you see

There is an old saying: “Life is full of beauty, all we need is the ability to see it.” Many people are not happy with their marriage, their job, their social circle, or any number of things. If you could just look at these things differently, maybe these things wouldn’t look as bad to you as they seem. Some people can only see the faults with everything. What they have is never good enough, and what they don’t have seems so far away and so perfect. If all you ever pay attention to is the shortcomings, you will always feel that nothing is ever right. You must try to see the positive aspects of things by finding the beautiful parts of the world you are overlooking. Soon, your heart will be full of gratitude and your outlook will become brighter

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2. What you say

The ancients said: “Disaster comes from the mouth.” We could all benefit from uttering kinder words; they blossom like lotus flowers, bringing everyone joy. When you spread rumors about other people or speak negatively about your life, you make yourself look immature and unkind. This can make the people around you uncomfortable, which can impact how you are treated by others. Try to use your language to benefit others. For example, you could start your conversations with a smile or simply give a heartfelt compliment to a stranger. The ripple effect just might translate into better opportunities.

You can change your future by uttering kinder words; they blossom like lotus flowers, bringing everyone joy.
We could all benefit from uttering kinder words; they blossom like lotus flowers, bringing everyone joy. (Image: Kurdistann via Wikimedia Commons)

3. How you listen

A good listener believes that the other person is capable of being responsible for their own life. When you listen, pay attention to keeping good eye contact with the other person. This lets the other person feel respected. Listening from their perspective and giving positive responses can also give the other person the feeling of being understood and supported. We know that listening is a crucial aspect of communication. A person with good listening skills will have fewer barriers when communicating with others. Therefore, try to get in the habit of being a good listener, and appreciate the sounds of the world and the sounds of others.

4. What you do

I often see ads looking to hire people who are diligent, active, careful, responsible, hardworking, and sincere. It turns out that diligence and hard work are more important than words. There is an old Chinese saying: “Diligence can make up for the lack of intelligence.” Actually, when you are tired and exhausted from working hard, what you don’t realize is that those who succeed work several times harder than you do!

A good listener believes that the other person is capable of being responsible for their own life. (Image: Free-Photos via Pixabay)

5. What’s in your heart

From Buddhist teachings: “A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things that renew humanity.” The prosperity of the world does not come to you through your struggling against it, but from your virtue. Therefore, while you live in this world, you must have a pair of good eyes to see beauty, kind words flow out of your mouth, a pair of good ears to listen, the diligence to take action, and a big, compassionate heart. Once you have these five treasures, good fortune will surely come to find you.

Translated by Yi Ming

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