Flowers for the Living

A simple gift of a rose. (Image: szjeno09190 via Pixabay)

One day, a man stopped by a flower shop to order a bouquet of flowers to send home to his mother who lived miles away. As he was about to step into the shop, he noticed a little girl crying on the sidewalk. He walked up to her and asked: “Why are you crying?” The little girl replied: “I want to buy my mother a rose, but I don’t have enough money.”

The man, feeling a pang of pain upon hearing this, takes her by the hand and walks into the flower shop. He orders his bouquet and buys the little girl a rose. When they come out of the shop, he offers to drive her home. “Are you sure,” she asks. “Absolutely,” the man replies. The girl then asks: “Can you take me to see my mother instead, but she is far from here.” “I should have known,” the man said jokingly.

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One day, a man stopped by a flower shop to order a bouquet of flowers to send home to his mother who lived miles away.
One day, a man stopped by a flower shop to order a bouquet of flowers to send home to his mother who lived miles away. (Image: nastya_gepp via Pixabay)

They drove out of the city and along a winding mountain road before stopping at a cemetery. The little girl got out and walked among the headstones to stop in front of a small grave in the corner of the cemetery. It was the grave of her mother who passed away a month ago. She came all this way to place the rose on her mother’s grave and to tell her of her love.

The man decides to deliver the flowers to his mother in person

After dropping the little girl off at her home, the man drove back to the flower shop. He changed his order and instead of having the shop deliver the flowers, he decided to deliver the bouquet to his mother himself even though she lived many miles away. He just wanted to see his mother’s smiling face when he walked in with the flowers.

This simple story tells us that it is better to show our love to those we care about while they are still alive rather when they are gone.

Translated by Cecilia

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