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Photon Belt and the Coming Golden Age

For the past few decades, people linked to the New Age Movement have been describing an imminent spiritual transition of humanity to a higher consciousness due to the Earth being enveloped by a photon belt. This ring of photons is said to be orbiting around the star cluster Pleiades.

Photon belt

The photon belt is said to consist of three elements. First, there is the null zone, a region in the photon belt where matter and antimatter particles collide to create photon streams. This is the place where the electromagnetic fields of our star system will be neutralized.

Next is the main region of the photon belt. Space/time distortion in the region is what will push us into a higher dimension. This period is expected to last for about 2,000 years and is believed to be the “Golden Age” promised by various religions across the world. The third element is again the null zone that forms the exit of the photon belt.

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The photon belt is said to consist of three elements. (Image: Screenshot / YouTube)

There are also said to be significant risks during the transition. When entering the photon belt, it is thought that the Earth’s compressed atmosphere will rapidly expand. If the atmosphere is exposed to large amounts of nuclear radiation in such a situation, it could explode. We are using numerous nuclear power plants and are stockpiling a large number of nuclear weapons, and it is believed they contribute to the risk of atmospheric explosion.

To avoid this, proponents of the photon belt say it would be necessary for all nuclear plants to be decommissioned and all nuclear weapons to be discarded. Otherwise, it could result in a firestorm that could engulf the entire planet and kill all living things on the surface, including human beings.

Changes to humanity

As far as the human race is concerned, believers say that massive changes await us as our planet moves into the photon belt.

“An uplifting of consciousness will take place that moves the consciousness level quickly through the fourth level to the fifth dimensional level, which is also referred to as full consciousness. Our spiritual and physical abilities will quickly and dramatically change. We will consciously start to remember previous lives and communicate more and more telepathically. Aging, which we now experience, will first slow down and then be reversed and the rejuvenation process will commence,” according to Sananda.

When transitioning through the null zone, which is expected to last for about five to six days, it is said that our bodies will start altering. People might experience a sudden electric jolt. Most won’t even notice the change. The altered bodies will prepare us to receive the full benefits of living in the photon belt. People will start developing abilities like telekinesis and telepathy.

Proponents of the photon belt say people will start developing abilities like telekinesis and telepathy. (Image: Screenshot / YouTube)

Once we move into the main region, proponents say humanity will be gifted with an unlimited energy source. Our bodies will use energy efficiently. We can abandon fossil fuels and other similar technologies that have polluted the planet for the past century. Space travel will become easier and may well become the most used mode of transportation. We will come into contact with civilizations in other star systems, exchanging knowledge and prospering in the process.

However, the proponents of the photon belt cite a major roadblock that prevents humanity from taking full advantage of the coming change — global leadership. The current crop of political leaders is said to lack the frame of mind required to understand the impending transition and work toward implementing steps to prepare humanity for it. According to them, a complete overhaul of the present sociopolitical structure is the only solution that can help humanity in getting the right leaders at the top who can lead us to an enlightened era.

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