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The Fascinating World of Alien Implant Removals

Aliens embedding objects into a person’s body has been a rarely talked about subject, even among those who track mysterious phenomena. People who have undergone surgery to remove alien implants often report being shocked when they take a look at what was inside their bodies. And in the field of alien implant removal, no name is as famous as that of Dr. Roger Leir, the renowned ufologist who has attended several such cases. His patients have fascinating things to say about how they felt before and after the procedure.


In 1996, Dr. Leir conducted surgeries on three women — 61-year-old Dorothy O’Hara, 40-year-old Alice Leavy, and 37-year-old Licia Davidson. Dr. Leir reported that he did not observe any inflammatory response in the women. This is very unusual since objects embedded into tissues generally do result in some kind of inflammatory response, including the formation of cysts and fibrosis.

Objects removed from Dorothy and Alice were whitish in color and did not exhibit any metallic property. Licia’s object had a crystalline nature to it. While Dorothy and Licia had no memory of when the object might have been inserted, Alice felt like the implant may have been done after she had a UFO encounter in San Diego.

A week prior to the surgery, Dorothy experienced a dream-like, abduction experience in which she found herself in a large room, waiting in line among several other people for a shot in the back of her neck. After the surgery, she had an alien encounter, the memory of which was very murky. Alice had an alien abduction experience two months after surgery. She even found that her dog had clawed several areas in the house on the night of her abduction experience as if the animal was trying to run away from something scary.

Three Bizarre Cases Of Alien Abductions 5-48 screenshot
Alice reported having an alien abduction experience two months after surgery. (Image: Screen Shot/ Youtube)

Dorothy experienced a dramatic change in health after the surgery. Within the first week, she lost much of her water weight, eventually developing edema and angina. She had extreme fatigue for about a month that made it difficult for her to concentrate on tasks. However, she later recovered, noting that her mental clarity and creativity had improved. Even memory of past events became clearer and Dorothy was able to recall an alien abduction experience she had undergone in 1991.

Licia’s mood became better after the surgery. She also stopped feeling pain in the implant region and was free from the weird, watery sensation around the foot she was experiencing earlier. Alice felt a shooting pain in her left leg eight months after the surgery. The implant scar was bright red. The pain lasted for about a week, after which it subsided. Interestingly, she also experienced a strong, precognitive vision that later became true in the exact way she had envisioned.

Patient seventeen

To document Dr. Leir’s work on alien implants, investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell decided to check out one of his surgical events.

The filmmaker’s experience during shooting the documentary changed his mind about alien abductions and implants. Corbell went from an outright skeptic of such topics to someone who believes that these things need serious investigation.

The Incredible & Controversial Life of Dr Roger Lier _ The Surgeon Who Removed Alien Implants... 1-43 screenshot
Dr. Roger Leir’s work is chronicled in the documentary titled ‘Patient Seventeen.’ (Image: Screenshot / YouTube)

Corbell’s change of heart came after Dr. Leir had sent the object removed from the patient to a lab in New Hampshire. The lab reported that the object contained rare earth metals, some even toxic. It was also found to be emanating electromagnetic frequencies like some sort of a communication device.

The documentary, titled Patient Seventeen, became popular with ufologists and people tracking mysterious phenomena. Meanwhile, Dr. Leir passed away in March 2014 at 78 years of age.

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