3 Chinese Remedies to Help Soothe a Dry Mouth

There are prepared drinks that can help relieve the symptoms of a dry mouth. (Image: Epoch Times)

The symptom of the medical condition called xerostomia is a dry mouth from reduced or absent saliva flow. Xerostomia may indicate the presence of various underlying medical conditions or the side effects of taking certain medicines. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), dry mouth is a symptom signaling a high level of internal heat in the body.

If your mouth is dry all the time, it may be a signal that your health is at risk. Drinking water is the most common way to ease the symptom. However, you should drink it slowly by rinsing it in your mouth before swallowing to help lubricate the mucous membranes. There are also three prepared drinks that can help to relieve the symptoms of a dry mouth.

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1. Lily bulb honey soup

Purchase 50 grams (1 3/4 ounces) of dried lily bulbs from a Chinese herb store. Soak and wash the bulbs until clean. Place in boiling water until dissolved. Let it cool before adding the honey. Mix well before drinking.

Lily bulb honey soup. (Image: Epoch Times)

Both the lily bulb and honey nourish the yin energy. They strengthen the heart and calm the mind, which can help reduce the heat inside the body and help with the lack of saliva. Those with a wind-cold condition or issues with the large intestines such as diarrhea should not use lily bulb.

2. Fresh mint pear drink

Purchase 50 grams (1 3/4 ounces) of fresh mint from a herb store and prepare a large Asian pear. Peel the skin, extract the core and cut the pear into large pieces. Put the pieces in a pot to stew until tender. Next, add fresh mint and rock sugar. When the sugar melts, take out the mint leaves. Let cool and drink.

Fresh mint pear drink. (Image: Epoch Times)

3. Imperata and phragmites tea

Purchase 50 grams (1 3/4 ounces) of imperata (also known as mao gen or cogon grass) and phragmites from a herb store. Boil in water for 30 minutes and drink when cool. Women who are having their menstrual period or are in the first three months of pregnancy should avoid this recipe as it is too cooling for them during this time.

Imperata and phragmites. (Image: Epoch Times)

Translated by Ceci

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