How to Best Benefit From Drinking Tea

Pouring a cup of hot tea.

Young people love cold drinks in summer, however, the best thirst quencher is actually hot tea, especially the light and refreshing types. (Image: NickyGirly via Pixabay)

Tea has been the favorite drink in China for thousands of years. The special materials in tea are beneficial for health. Here are the scientific explanations as to why that’s so.

Good for weight loss

The large quantities of catechins in tea leaves can inhibit weight gain since the catechins boost metabolism and can help the body break down fats. Oolong Tea is especially effective in reducing fat in the body because the polyphenols it contains have been shown to block the production of enzymes required for fat absorption, meaning the fats will pass through your body undigested.

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Preventing cancer

Tea polyphenols have been found to protect against the effects of nitrites in the body. Nitrites are used as additives to preserve foods, especially in processed meats. These substances are associated with an increased risk of cancer, though they have not been conclusively proven to cause it. In any case, if you routinely eat processed meats, it could certainly provide some peace of mind to make it a habit to drink tea as well. In addition, some studies have shown that a high intake of tea may protect against gastric cancer and colon cancer.

Delayed aging

Tea polyphenols have antioxidant properties and help clear harmful free radicals from the body, preventing cellular damage due to lipid peroxidation, which could possibly delay aging. The antioxidant ability of tea polyphenols is even greater than that of Vitamin E.

(Image via pixabay / CC0 1.0)
Tea polyphenols have antioxidant properties and help clear harmful free radicals from the body. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Refreshing the mind

The large quantity of caffeine in tea leaves can keep the central nervous system stimulated, dissipating fatigue and helping you remain alert.

Preventing gastrointestinal diseases

Tea polyphenols promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut while suppressing the growth of bad bacteria. In addition, tea has antimicrobial properties that kill off harmful substances in the GI tract helping you maintain a healthy gut.

Preventing cardiovascular disease

Tea polyphenols can effectively metabolize fat in the body. Studies have shown that tea consumption can lower LDL cholesterol, thus inhibiting atherosclerosis and helping to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Studies have shown that tea consumption can lower LDL cholesterol, thus inhibiting atherosclerosis and helping to prevent cardiovascular disease. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

How to best benefit from drinking tea

  • Do not drink tea on an empty stomach.

Tea leaves are rich in caffeine. If one drinks large quantities of tea on an empty stomach, the caffeine is fully absorbed into the intestines, which might cause heart palpitations, frequent urination, etc. In addition, absorption of Vitamin B1 might be affected when drinking tea on an empty stomach, so it would be better if one takes some food before drinking tea.

  • Do not drink strong tea

Some people like drinking strong tea. It does not seem to cause any harm to the body, but it could put the stomach under stress if done on a long term basis.

  • Drink it hot

Drinking hot tea in the summer can induce sweating and bring out heat in the body, while cold tea cannot achieve that. Of course, drinking over-hot tea should be avoided to protect your mouth and tongue.

Avoid drinking tea 20 minutes before and after a meal because tea will dilute gastric fluids and affect digestion. The oxalic acid in tea will react with iron and protein in foods and affect the body’s absorption of iron and protein.

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