This Kind of Person Will Be Blessed With Good Feng Shui Land

Auspicious feng sui land.

The ancients believed that ancestral tombs located on good feng shui land would bring prosperity to the descendants. (Image: David Leo Veksler via Flickr)

Most Chinese people believe in feng shui, hoping that good feng shui can help them change their luck or maintain their good luck. The ancients believed that ancestral tombs located on good feng shui land would bring prosperity to the descendants. In actual fact, not everybody can be blessed with good feng shui land. Only those who are kind and filial, good feng shui land will naturally come to them.

Feng shui treasure land

There was a story about a feng shui treasure land. In the post-Han period, a devoted son named Sun Zhong lived in a place called Yang Pingshan, which was 30 li (1 li is 500 meters) south of Fuyang Prefecture in Hangzhou. His family was very poor. He lost his father at a young age and was very loyal to his mother. The well-known devoted son and his mother were dependent on each other and planted watermelons to sell to make a meager living.

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One day, out of the blue, three strange-looking youngsters came to Sun Zhong’s stall looking for watermelons. Their faces looked tired and a little unusual, but the kind-hearted Sun Zhong still gave them each a piece of watermelon. The three of them did not hesitate and quickly ate up the watermelon pieces. After finishing eating, they asked for more. Again, Sun Zhong did not hesitate to give them each another piece.

A feng shui compass.
A feng shui compass. (Image: Wellcome Images via Wikimedia Commons)

After they finished eating the watermelons, they told Sun Zhong: “Little brother, your heart is really kind. We do not have money to pay you and feel helpless for not repaying your kindness. We are low-level gods and because of your filial piety toward your mother, it has moved Heaven, so we were sent here to test your virtues. You are not only devoted to your mother, but you also have a kind heart toward others, so we are here to guide you.”

Sun Zhong was even more surprised. One of them pointed to a forest down a hill and told Sun Zhong: “Little brother, the feng shui of this mountain is very good, it is surrounded by water; it is real dragon solid land and it has beautiful scenery. You can move your father’s remains to this land and soon you will become an emperor.”

Another went on to say: “You go down the hill for one hundred steps, then turn your head back to look at us, the land where you set foot on is the auspicious land for your father’s tomb.” Sun Zhong only half-believed them, but after their persuasion, he relented and followed what they said. He walked about 70 steps and then turned his head back to look at the three youths.

Ming Zhang Mingfeng compiled an illustration of the ‘Geography Counselor Xuanji Xianpo Collection.’ (Image: via Public Domain)

The three young men sighed and told Sun Zhong: “You turned your head to look at us too early and the land that you stepped on can only make you a King.” After saying this, they turned into three white cranes and flew toward the sky. At that point, Sun Zhong suddenly understood. He knelt down facing the sky and said: “Thank you for the guidance from Heaven and the gods.” He then marked the piece of land and after picking an auspicious date, moved his father’s remains to the site. Not long after, Sun Zhong left their hometown with his mother to do business.

A few years later and through hard work, Sun Zhong made a fortune, married, and had children. Eventually, Sun Zhong returned to his hometown to pay his respects at his father’s tomb. He saw five colors on the tomb that shot up toward the sky. He knew that this was auspicious energy that would bring glory to the Sun family. Sun Zhong continued to do good deeds.

Sun Zhong’s son, Sun Jian, grew up to become the King of Wu. Sun Jian conferred the title of the Emperor of Wu on Sun Zhong. Sun Zhong’s grandson and great-grandson, Sun Quan and Sun Liang, followed on to become kings of Wu.

This story goes to show how Sun Zhong’s filial piety and kindness moved Heaven and the gods. He was given guidance to take his father’s remains to a good feng shui land and thereafter, received many blessings as the fruition of his virtues.

Translated by Chua BC and edited by Helen

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