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Breathtaking Ride: Flower Water Slide Amazes People in China

Ever wanted to freely float under a ceiling of flowers? Head over to Luanchuan County in Central China and try out its latest water slide just launched on June 30.

The water slide

The slide is located in Mount Laojun. It’s as tall as a 20-story building and is over a mile long. What makes the slide beautiful is the numerous flowers of varying colors hanging overhead. Made out of transparent tempered glass and steel frames, the slide has “C”- and “S”-shaped curves that add to the excitement of the journey. People can also enjoy the stunning jungle scenery while taking a ride on the slide. The new attraction is apparently a hit among locals and a video of the slide recently gained viral attention online. However, some are doubtful whether the flowers are actually real or just plastic.

While many have admired the engineering that went into the slide, concerns about safety are also running rampant since some people have expressed worries about whether the tempered glass structure will hold without breaking. In June, a man was killed while he was riding through another glass water slide. Six of his relatives ended up with injuries. The water slide was shut down following the accident. A month earlier, 12 people were injured after they fell off a water slide in southwest China.

Despite such accidents, public interest in water slides seems to be as strong as ever. Last year, Guangzhou saw the installation of the world’s first rotating water slide called the “SlideWheel.” “Sliders on 4-person rafts experience strong G-forces, backward sliding, pendulum movements, and multiple moments of airtime. The SlideWheel is nearly 80 feet tall, with a tube that is 460 feet long. The ride’s unique motion that brings sliders back and forth through slide sections, riders enjoy twice as much slide time than there is actual slide,” according to Themed Attraction.

SlideWheel was designed by a German company, “Wiegand.Maelzer,” and is a combination of a regular water slide and Ferris wheel. The ride has been attracting thrill-seekers to Guangzhou ever since it was opened to the public back in April 2018.

(Image: Screenshot / YouTube)
SlideWheel was designed by a German company, ‘Wiegand.Maelzer,’ and is a combination of a regular water slide and Ferris wheel. (Image: Screenshot / YouTube)

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