To Be a True Friend, Do Not Make Jokes About These 4 Taboo Subjects

Two friends sharing lunch.

We may play jokes on each other, but there are four things that you should never joke about as a true friend. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Everyone meets many people throughout their lives, some of whom become friends. Among these friends, there exist both mentors and toxic friends. Sometimes, we play jokes on one another.

4 things that you should never joke about as a true friend

1. Personal imperfections

The phrase “Loose lips sink ships” from the Second World War is still true today, as careless talk leads to trouble, generates disputes, and is considered annoying. A true friend never laughs` at other’s imperfections and flaws because by doing so, you reveal the ugliness that is inside you.

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Regardless of how close you and your friends are, there is still a fine line between being a good friend and being toxic. There are still some areas that are taboo. Even if a person is open-minded, they may take offense at a joke directed at them. Never hurt other people’s feelings, let alone those who are friends. Maybe you are just making an offhanded comment, but the emotional injury could be real to the other person. Joking about others’ imperfections reveals that you lack social skills.

2. Money

A true friend never makes jokes about money. There is a Chinese saying: “Even among brothers, accounts should be settled clearly.” When it comes to money, things become complicated. Money is a sensitive issue, as people are easily blinded by money. It is possible that they will take jokes about money too seriously, resulting in an awkward situation that is difficult to get out of.

Money is a sensitive issue for a lot of people.
Money is a sensitive issue for a lot of people. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

3. Family

Jokes with friends should be made only among friends. Never joke about someone’s family. Good friends know where the boundary is and they are understanding. People can believe they are very close, so it is acceptable to gossip and judge anything and anyone around them. Do not inadvertently joke about family members because this thinking is completely incorrect. You are just friends, so it is not good judgment to involve yourself in others’ personal lives and comment on their families.

4. Personal interests

Everyone has their own thinking, faith, and values. It is these differences that create such diversity and make this world interesting and wonderful. Although you may disagree with your friend’s ideas, not fully understand their desires and interests, or maybe lack any religious beliefs yourself, you should not take other people’s faith or personal interests and make jokes about them.

We can all live different lifestyles, but others should not be joked about. Not everything can be a joke, and not everyone should accept your jokes. A trustworthy true friend respects the lifestyle of others and does not hurt them. This way, friendship can last a very long time and flourish.

Translated by Sharon and edited by Helen

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