Young Boy Leading Chant From Overpass at Hong Kong Rally Goes Viral

A video of a young boy leading a crowd to chant 'Hongkongers, keep going' at a recent demonstration has gone viral. (Image: via Facebook)

The boy on the overpass

On August 18, torrential rain didn’t stop 1.7 million Hong Kong people from joining one of Hong Kong’s largest pro-democracy assemblies at Victoria Park. The demonstrators at the Hong Kong rally — consisting of families, young people, and the elderly — marched peacefully without any violence.

ABC News commented: “This protest was a huge success and peaceful. What is remarkable is that they are not unafraid, but they are more determined that it is now or never.” The Wall Street Journal reported: “Hundreds of thousands attended a nonviolent rally following weeks of clashes with police.”

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A video showing a young Hong Kong boy leading the demonstrators to chant a slogan supporting the demonstration went viral on the Internet and captured the hearts of millions. Standing on an overpass, he chanted “Hongkongers” and the demonstrators responded “Keep going” in Cantonese. The interactions between him and the demonstrators lasted for almost a minute.

Translated by Yi Ming and edited by Angela

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