What the Japanese Mafia Can Learn from the Chinese Communist Party

The Yakuza control power locally. (Image: elmimmo via Flickr)

What happens when the most corrupt and most vile take over ruling your region or country? The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has laid waste to a glorious civilization and cultural legacy spanning thousands of years. The Middle Kingdom, as China was once known, was a land filled with temples, legends, monuments, and historical significance in every province, town, and village.

Now, the Chinese people are in a situation where they have little knowledge of their history or the truth of what’s happening on a daily basis. All information is strictly censored, curated, and edited according to what the CCP wants the Chinese people to know. So what can one of the most degraded organizations in the world, the Mafia, learn from CCP? Much, in fact. Let’s look at a few strategies that the Japanese Mafia, the Yakuza, can learn from the CCP.

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The Chinese Communist Party and Yakuza ssume absolute control

The CCP, like the mafia, grew from corrupt individuals influencing a gang of people to eventually expanding their subscriber base. Through deceit, they moved up in the power echelons of the government. Along the journey, they did whatever was necessary — including cheating, back-stabbing, murdering, pimping, and pleasing — to achieve their goal. Anything for absolute control and unquestionable power.

Now, the Yakuza has power in the local vicinity, neighborhoods, or even some of the prefectures. But the CCP has power over an entire nation. The Chinese population is the largest in the world. Along with China, they have powers over whichever countries are indebted to China. The Yakuza need to up their game significantly.

Strip away rights and beliefs

What defines an individual? Besides his physical body, he has a character and personality molded by his living environment, education, beliefs, and values. If you restrict a person physically, he will react to it, because his beliefs and values respond to your action. They will not comply. So to truly enslave someone, you need to restrict their beliefs, their thought processes. Their minds need to be controlled through consistent propaganda and specific programming, right from when they’re born. A compliant belief system attuned to the oppressor needs to be installed. This way, the person is completely under control, and he or she will never react to your subjugation.

The CCP restricts all information coming into China, alters history books in classrooms, controls the media and Internet, has compulsory teaching of Communist ideology for children, restricts religious practice, abolishes spiritual movements, and punishes severely those who stray off the path. Compared to this, the Yakusa simply threaten violence against people who refuse to pay their dues. They focus simply on the physical and not the mind.

Monitor the people 24/7 

Take the case of Tibet, Xinjiang, or Falun Gong. People in these places and practitioners are subject to 24/7 monitoring by the CCP. What they do, what they say, who they meet, where they live and work are all monitored, recorded, and controlled. Any variation from their daily activity and the authorities will be at the doorstep demanding explanations. Failure to comply can land you in detention centers. Failure to explain and you will be tortured. Failure to repent and you will be killed.

As for ordinary Chinese citizens, they’re monitored with CCTV throughout their neighborhoods and cities. Mind you, these are not simple cameras. But advanced technology with facial recognition that analyzes constantly and gives you a mark; a social credit system that grades you on your compliance to the ruling CCP.

The Yakuza have some henchmen watching over you when you owe them, and they beat you when you fail to pay up. Even if you haven’t borrowed from the Yakuza, they demand “protection money,” but that’s leagues apart from the tactics of the CCP.

The Chinese Communist Party has outlwed Falun Gong.
A Falun Gong practitioner holds a banner at Tiananmen Square as a policeman approaches to arrest him. (Image: via Falun Dafa Information Center)

Profit from human trafficking

When has a country ever in the history of the world sold its citizens? Numerous times, in fact. The slave trade was, in fact, a primary source of revenue for many parts of the old world. But the CCP did one better. They sold them — in pieces. It was more profitable. And slavery was outlawed.

The CCP holds political, religious prisoners of conscience. They arrest without impunity or regard for the law. These prisoners are held without due process and their blood samples are taken. The CCP markets extensively and whenever demand for an organ comes up, the corresponding blood-type prisoner is taken and whacked on the head.

While still alive, state-sponsored doctors rip out whatever organ is needed and sell it to the required customer. This is not a one-time incident. But a massive undertaking happening in detention centers spread throughout the country. Now, when was the last time you heard of a mafia organization doing that?

Family members march holding images of loved ones killed by the CCP. (Image: Screenshot / YouTube)
Family members march holding images of loved ones prosecuted and killed by the CCP. (Image: Screenshot viaYouTube)

The CCP is the personification of when the mafia rules the country. But they go well beyond that. They crush, manipulate, and destroy with impunity. Where the mafia has restrictions, the CCP has none. They will do whatever they need to remain in power. Without a doubt, the CCP is the world’s largest and most powerful crime syndicate.

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