These Soups Can Benefit the Lungs and Help Control Coughs

Monk fruit. (Image:

Autumn is the season in which the yang energy diminishes while the yin energy increases, along with the effect of pollutants in the air that can cause breathing problems and coughing. The following soups can help to clear and moisturize the lungs.

Monk fruit and yellow pear soup

Monk fruit can promote fluid production while yellow pear can help with digestion.

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Ingredients: three yellow pears, ¼ monk fruit, 1.5 liters of water, rock sugar


  • Break monk fruit into pieces and soak for 10 minutes
  • Rinse pears, remove the core, and cut into small pieces
  • Put the monk fruit and pears into a pot with water and bring to a boil
  • Reduce to medium-low heat for 15 minutes
  • Add rock sugar to taste and switch off

For best results, eat the pears as well.

Red beans help nourish the lungs.
Red beans. (Image:

Red bean, lily bulb, and lotus seed sweet soup

The alkaloids in the lily bulb nourish the body and also promote fluid production. The nutrients in this soup help nourish the lungs.

Ingredients: 250 g red beans, 20 g lotus seeds, 15 g lily bulbs, 15 g candied jujubes, 10 g red dates, rock sugar


  • Soak the red beans and lily bulbs
  • Rinse the jujubes, red dates, and lotus seeds, remove the core and drain
  • Put the red beans into a pot with a moderate amount of water and bring to a boil
  • When the beans start to burst, add in the lotus seeds and lily bulbs and reduce to low heat for half an hour
  • When the beans are almost done, add in the jujubes and red dates
  • Cook on low heat for another hour and add rock sugar to taste

White mushroom and Bartlett pear soup

The white mushroom, also known as snow ear, is good for the lungs and for promoting fluid production. Bartlett pears also help to dissipate phlegm and the effects of alcohol. This soup is very good to help nourish the lungs.

Ingredients: one Bartlett pear, one white mushroom, 20 g goji berries, rock sugar


  • Soak the white mushroom and goji berries
  • Rinse the pear, skin and cut into small pieces
  • Cut the fungus into small pieces and put into a pot with water and bring to a boil
  • Reduce to low heat for 40 minutes, add rock sugar to taste
  • When the fungus turns transparent, add the pear and cook for 5 minutes
  • Add the goji berries, cook for 2 more minutes and switch off

If possible, try to use a clay pot, which can enhance the taste of the cooked fungus as well.

Carrots are rich in β-carotene, which can neutralize toxins. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Carrot and spare rib soup

The carotene in the carrot helps to promote circulation, while the ribs contain protein. The tangerine peel helps digestion. This soup helps nourish the lungs. 

Ingredients: one carrot, three spare ribs, one tangerine, one small piece of ginger root, one clove of garlic, white wine


  • Rinse the carrot, spare ribs, and tangerine peel
  • Cut the carrot and ribs into large pieces, slice the ginger, and peel the garlic
  • Boil the ribs in hot water for a short while and rinse
  • Prepare another pot of hot water, put all ingredients in, add a few drops of white wine, and bring to a boil
  • Reduce to medium heat and cook for two hours

Translated by Cecilia and edited by Helen

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