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6 Reasons Why Walking in the Rain Is Beneficial

Rain brings out various emotions in human beings. While some people absolutely love the environment created by rain and joyfully look forward to it, others completely dislike it and choose to shut themselves inside their homes. Walking in the rain is actually a very beneficial activity both for the mind and body.

1. Calming smell

One of the biggest noticeable things about rain is the smell that triggers a good feeling in most people. This largely has to do with a molecule called geosmin produced by a group of bacteria that are found in most healthy soils. When rain hits the ground, it releases the geosmin into the air. Human beings are extremely sensitive to it and often find the smell calming and addictive.

(Image via pixabay / CC0 1.0)
When it rains, a molecule called geosmin is released into the air. (Image via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Geosmin is also becoming a popular ingredient in perfumes. “It’s a really potent material and it smells just like the concrete when the rain hits it… There’s something very primitive and very primal about the smell… Even when you dilute it down to the parts per billion range, [humans] can still detect it,” Marina Barcenilla, a perfumer, said to BBC.

2. Good for skin

Rainwater is alkaline by nature. Bathing in alkaline water has been found to be nourishing for the skin. It is also said to have anti-aging properties. Alkaline water can boost blood circulation and thus help strengthen hair growth. A rainy environment also means high levels of humidity. This helps to keep the skin young and supple.

3. Stronger immune system

Some people tend to catch a cold as soon as the winter season arrives. This may be because they have spent most of their lives cooped up inside and have never actually exposed themselves to different outside environments. Walking in the rain contributes to the development of your immune system, ensuring that your health does not get affected just because of a change in season.

4. Burning calories

An average person will have to exert more muscle and force when walking in the rain as compared to walking when it is dry and sunny. When walking on slippery and muddy surfaces, you have to put more effort than normal into the walking activity. This will burn up calories faster and help reduce body fat.

(Image via pixabay / CC0 1.0)
An average person will have to exert more muscle and force when walking in the rain as compared to walking when it is dry and sunny. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

5. Stronger mind

Walking in the rain can clear up your mind if it is cluttered and stressed by many thoughts. This can turn out to be a character-building activity for some people since “taking rainy day walks on a regular basis help train your mind to give up control and go about life, no matter what the weather — or anything else — throws your way. Additionally, the temporary nature of rain can help some deal with personal loss and bad moments,” according to Footfiles. You are also likely to become more accepting of various perspectives rather than discard other people’s thoughts as irrelevant.

6. Pure air

Rainfall washes out many of the pollutants in the atmosphere, making the air clean. This is one of the best times for you to breathe in clean air, especially if you live in a city that is notorious for low air quality. Aerosols in the air get attached to the falling raindrops and end up on the ground. The same goes for things like soot, sulfates, dander, bacteria, and so on. When humidity levels cross 43 percent, almost three-quarters of airborne viruses are rendered powerless.

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