Achieve Success in Business Through Providing Value and Building Character

Maintain eye contact regularly while listening. (Image: pexels / CC0 1.0)

Deciding to become an entrepreneur can be a tough choice for many people. You will be leaving the comforts of a salaried job and forced to confront the future without any financial security. Most people who plan on being an entrepreneur eventually end up giving up their dreams due to fear of failure. However, if you are determined to see your goals through, then these three tips can be valuable in helping you achieve success, both in business and in life by helping you to build character.

Provide value

Everything in a person’s life is assigned a rank based on how valuable it is to them. “In your professional life, the more value you can offer the more money you can make. In your personal life, more value translates to closer relationships and strong personal growth. The best way to add value is to find the intersection between what people are willing to pay for and what service or product you can offer that is aligned with your values, strengths, and goals,” according to Life Hack.

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In your personal life, you should focus on bringing value to the other party in a relationship. If you are in a romantic relationship, let the other person feel that you truly love them since that is what they seek. If you are married, make your partner know that you are dependable and loyal. When dealing with kids, act like a father who will always care for them. With a friend, be a trustworthy person they can discuss all the troubles in their life with. By providing value to people, you will become indispensable in their lives and ensure that the relationships remain strong.

Be strong against negative reactions

Whenever you do something significant, it is likely that you will be met with negative reactions. Be strong enough to let these reactions pass by. Never respond to them or indulge them in any way since it can disturb your focus. In personal life, it might relate to a lifestyle change you wish to make.

Be determined enough to deal with all negative reactions. (Image: pexels / CC0 1.0)

Maybe you decide to stop being shy in your dating life and start approaching more women in order to find the “true one.” Some of your co-workers, friends, or relative may be taken aback by the change in your behavior and may ask you to “remain the same.” But if you are confident that the new you is a necessary change in your life, then dismiss their concerns and go ahead with your decision.  

“If you’re going to start a business, you need to really love it, because not everybody is going to love it. When The Huffington Post was first launched in 2005, there were so many detractors. I remember a critic who wrote that The Huffington Post was an unsurvivable failure… When you get reviews like that and detractors like that, you have to really believe in your product. When you really believe in your product, you are willing to deal with all the naysayers and persevere,” Arianna Huffington, the co-founder of The Huffington Post, said to Inc.  (RYROB)

Avoid bossing around

Treat your family and employees compassionately rather than bossing them around. (Image: pexels / CC0 1.0)

Life is all about the give and take. Never try to boss people around, whether it be in your business or your personal life. Bossing people only generates resentment and ill will. If you try to act all bossy with kids all the time, they can end up hating you. If you just give commands to your employees all day long without regard for their well-being, they will likely not want to work under you and may move elsewhere. Instead, be kind and compassionate when dealing with them while maintaining your authority.  

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