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Foods to Keep Your Lungs Healthy in Winter

The novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), which originated in Wuhan, is spreading fast. Apart from preventive measures to contain its spread, it is also important to keep your lungs strong.

Traditional Chinese medicine regards the lungs to be a vulnerable organ in the body. Once its resistance is weakened, it is the first organ to be invaded by a virus.

Nourishing the respiratory system and avoiding dehydration is applicable to all people irrespective of age and physiques. When the throat and lungs are adequately nourished, it’s not easy for foreign bodies that cause pneumonia and upper respiratory tract infections to establish themselves.

White-colored foods help nourish your lungs

White-colored foods such as lily fungus, pears, snow fungus, fritillaria, (known as “chuan bei” in Chinese), and white radish can help to nourish the throat and lungs. The intake of these foods during the autumn and winter months can be hydrating and help to relieve dryness.

Lily and snow fungus (white fungus) are mild in nature and even children can consume them. Lily fungus has organic elements, can reduce heat inside the body, and nourish “qi” and it is suitable to cook as a porridge or soup or as a tea. Here is a recipe for white fungus soup, one of the most popular dishes to help maintain respiratory health.

 White fungus soup helps maintain your lungs.
White fungus soup. (Image: YouTube/Screenshot)

Ingredients (serves four):

  • 10 grams of lotus seed
  • 10 grams of lily fungus
  • 2 grams of white fungus
  • 8 seedless red dates
  • 4 eggs
  • rock sugar


Soak the white fungus for 20-30 minutes and cut off the hard pedicle. Soak separately the other ingredients and set them aside. Add 800 ml of water and add the lotus seeds, lily, white fungus, and red dates. Boil on high before turning to low and simmering for 1 hour. Add rock sugar to taste and bring to a boil again before turning off. Next, boil the eggs, peel, and add one to each bowl of hot soup.

Translated by Chua BC

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