Dan Dan Burgers, Octopus Takoyaki, and Pork Noodles in Taiwan

Octopus takoyaki.

Octopus takoyaki is one of the delicacies you can try when you visit Kaohsiung, Taiwan. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

In Kaohsiung, Taiwan, there’s plenty to do, and eating at a Dan Dan Burger establishment is one of the leisure activities to indulge in as you explore the city. From the homey street stalls offering local food on the go to eateries patronized by visitors traveling from different regions, you’ll never be short of options for dining in the city. As its reputation as a tourist hotspot explodes, food providers are stepping up to cater to the needs of tourists, especially the ones in a hurry.

Taiwan’s Dan Dan Burger

Fast-food chains are a convenient way to fill a hungry belly. The service is fast, the prices are affordable, and the food and drinks have mass appeal. This level of quality can be found in Kaohsiung’s very own Dan Dan Burger. The fast-food chain originating in the city offers popular flavors from Western and Eastern cuisines. There are burgers on the menu, fries, fried chicken, and more to satisfy the Western palate.

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Taiwanese dishes such as rice noodles and pork thick soup are also available. One favorite selection is the Cantonese rice congee with milk tea. The rice congee, as one might expect, is smooth and gooey, and the saltiness is just right. And after swallowing a spoonful of the congee, wash it down with some milk tea — a good combination, indeed. The store is clean and tidy, just as one would expect.

Though the menu leans more toward fried chicken and sandwiches, the Taiwanese meals that are offered are an experience that you shouldn’t miss. If you’re looking for a quick value meal, Dan Dan Burger should be a hit.

If you are looking for a quick value meal, Dan Dan Burger should be a hit.
If you’re looking for a quick value meal, Dan Dan Burger should be a hit. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Though they are located strictly in southern Taiwan, Dan Dan Burger is popular even with northern Taiwanese, who are excited to have a chance to eat there whenever they visit Kaohsiung. The restaurant also has branches in Pingtung and Tainan.

Octopus takoyaki

On to a different delicacy. How about some octopus takoyaki? Never heard of it? It’s a bite-sized, ball-shaped Japanese snack made out of batter and filled with minced octopus and veggies. Plenty of people in various countries have tried to put their own spin on the Japanese snack.

In Taiwan, their take on takoyaki is quite a mouthful. Instead of being bite-sized, their takoyaki is huge. And instead of filling it with small, diced octopus, the takoyaki in Taiwan is overflowing with large chunks of octopus. You’ll most definitely encounter this version of takoyaki when you visit Kaohsiung. Be careful, though. The fillings are piping hot!

Pork noodles

Tainan-style noodles, or Ta-a noodles, are a snack predating the late Qing Dynasty. In early times, food was served during typhoons, when fishing was difficult and dangerous. Its most common ingredients are pork, prawns, bean sprouts, and noodles. What makes Ta-a noodles special is that the taste varies depending on where you eat them.

Usually, restaurants and eateries have well-guarded secret recipes for their Ta-a noodles. What you can expect are the general ingredients, but even the cooks at stalls serving Ta-a noodles might surprise you with their very own signature flavor. Just a reminder, it’s a snack. So don’t expect a full stomach from buying one serving. Use this to your advantage and taste different versions of the noodles while you’re in Kaohsiung.

Usually, restaurants and eateries have well-guarded secret recipes for their Ta-a noodles.
Usually, restaurants and eateries have well-guarded secret recipes for their Ta-a noodles. (Image: via Honest Cooking)

With this brief guide, open yourself up to the flavors of Taiwan. Stop and grab something to eat at stalls, dine-in restaurants, or eat and walk while you discover Kaohsiung.

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