7 Brain Hacks That Allow You to Learn Faster

A woman falling asleep at her laptop.

Take a 10-minute break after a 30 to 50-minute study session. (Image: Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels)

Do you want to learn something, but are finding the entire process difficult? Instead of focusing on spending too much time studying, you should focus on utilizing the available time in the best possible way by trying these brain hacks.

7 simple brain hacks that will allow you to learn any subject faster

1. Hand-written notes

Since most people today have laptops, they often resort to using them to take notes. While this might seem the most efficient way, taking notes on a laptop is definitely not a good way to improve your learning speed. Researchers from UCLA and the University of Princeton discovered that when students were asked to take notes by hand, they were able to better grasp the subject. The students listened more attentively and were able to identify important concepts that were being taught. In contrast, those who took notes by laptop simply engaged in mindless transcription, with their brains never caring about understanding what was being typed.  

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One of the best brain hacks is to avoid typing notes on a laptop.
One of the best brain hacks is to avoid typing notes on a laptop. (Image: Startup Stock Photos via Pexels)

2. Multiple subjects

Some people tend to study a single subject per day. This is not a good idea. It is recommended that you learn multiple subjects in a day. This is one of the brain hacks that can help you learn faster. Why? “Because you’re likely to confuse similar information if you study a lot of the same subject in one day. So to study smart, spread out your study time for each subject. In doing so, your brain will have more time to consolidate your learning,” according to Daniel Wong.

3. Ideal study times

If you study something continuously for several hours, you are likely wasting your time. Your mind is not capable of concentrating for such lengths of time. After a while, the mind drifts off, and what you read never registers in your brain.

According to experts at Louisiana State University’s Center for Academic Success, you should optimally study for about 30 to 50 minutes at a time. That’s it. A study time of less than 30 minutes is not enough, while anything above 50 minutes tends to be too long. Take a 10-minute break between these study periods and your brain will absorb information much more efficiently.

4. Review learning

Once you study something, do not think that your work is done. Nope. Repeatedly feeding information to your brain over a period of time will ensure that the information is thoroughly memorized. So if you learn a new topic today, review it two days later, and do one more review 3 days after that. This will send the brain a signal that what you are learning is important enough to be retained.

5. Front bench

If you have the option to sit in front or back of the class, choose the front bench. Those who sit in the front have scored consistently higher according to several studies. If the teacher asks you to sit in front, even better since such students get motivated to pay attention to what they are learning.  

6. Eat chocolate

If you love eating chocolates, this is one of the brain hacks that’s definitely for you. “Dark chocolate gives your brain a good boost… When you eat chocolate, your brain produces dopamine. And dopamine helps you learn faster and remember better. Not to mention, chocolate contains flavonols, antioxidants, which also improve your brain functions,” according to Life Hack.

Eating chocolates is good for your brain. (Image: Kaboompics.com via Pexels)

7. Read out loud

When you come across some important information that must be committed to memory, read it out loud. When you do this, you see and hear the information. In contrast, when you read silently, you are only seeing the information. Your brain will give more importance to retaining the information that has speech and sight details.

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