Working to sell ads for a newspaper, one man persevered in trying to close deals with the 'impossible' clients. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Ker used to work for a newspaper office. He was confident when he was hired to be an advertising salesperson, claiming that he did not need a salary. He only asked for the commission from the sale of the ads. His boss accepted his proposal.

Ker created a list and prepared to visit some special clients. Other people in the sales team thought those clients were impossible to collaborate with.

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Before visiting the clients, Ker locked himself in a room. Standing in front of a mirror, repeating the names on the client list, he said to himself: “By the end of this month, all of you will buy advertising from me.”

(Image: Screenshot / YouTube)
He stood in front of a mirror, repeating the names on the client list while telling himself they would buy ads from him by the end of the month. (Image: Screenshot / YouTube)

He held great confidence when he visited the clients. On the first day, he closed 3 deals out of the 20 “impossible” clients on his list. He closed two more deals within the first week. By the end of the first month, only one client out of the 20 had not bought an ad.

In the second month, Ker did not visit any new clients. Instead, he went to visit the one who had rejected him. Every morning when he opened the shop, Ker went inside and promoted the advertising. However, the shop owner kept saying “No” to him. Ker pretended that he did not hear and carried on visiting him. On the last day of the month, the shop owner told Ker: “You have wasted one month requesting me to buy your ads. I just want to know the reason. Why do you keep doing that?”

Ker replied: “I did not waste time. I feel like I am taking a lesson and you are my teacher. I keep training myself to persevere in adversity.” The shop owner nodded and told Ker: “I have to confess that I am also learning from you. You are my teacher as well.

You have taught me the lesson of perseverance. This is more valuable than money. To show my gratitude, I’d like to buy your ads as payment for my tuition.”

Translated by Sharon L and edited by Helen

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