Taiwanese Businessman Gifts Shen Yun Tickets to Australian Firefighters

A Taiwanese businessman gifted 120 Shen Yun tickets to Australian firefighters. (Image: Helitak430 via wikimedia CC BY-SA 4.0)

The 2019-2020 bushfire season was one of the worst in history for Australia. Firefighters around the country worked round the clock to put an end to it. To appreciate their dedication, a Taiwanese businessman by the surname of Lu decided to give the firefighters and family members free Shen Yun tickets.

Watching Shen Yun

“Australian firefighters have invested a lot and worked very hard to fight disasters in the past few months… They have sacrificed a lot of their time, such as reuniting with their families, rest time, [and faced] physical and mental exhaustion,” Lu said to The Epoch Times.

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Two groups of 60 people watched the shows on March 10 and 11. Lu himself was present in one of the shows, marking the second time he has seen the performance.

When Lu saw Shen Yun the first time, he was struck by how beautiful the show was. The performance touched him deeply and he felt as if no words could describe the feeling he experienced.

By sending the firefighters for a Shen Yun performance, Lu hoped that they would also be exposed to an experience that uplifts them. His plan apparently worked since many people who came to watch it only had good words about the show.

Firefighter Michael Harvey, who saw the performance with his 12-year-old daughter, enjoyed Shen Yun very much. He had been planning to see it for a long time. As such, when Lu gifted him with the tickets, Harvey jumped at the chance.

Firefighter Craig Hartley, who arrived with his family, admitted that he loved the performance and appreciated how Shen Yun explained Chinese culture.

Shen Yun tends to evoke deep feelings of wonder and awe in many people. First-timers are often left mesmerized by how well the music and dances blend together. However, many people are also moved by the message of Shen Yun, which often highlights the persecution unleashed by the Chinese Communist Party.

People are often moved by a Shen Yun performance. (Image: YouTube/Screenshot)

“You don’t realize just how much battle there is still going on for being able to express yourself [in China] the way that we express ourselves [in the U.S.]. So getting to hear that and see it, the way you could see [the baritone’s] heart was really in it. It was amazing. It’s definitely a profound event for all of us. I really appreciated getting to come,” an Arizona business owner said to The Epoch Times.

CCP virus rumors

The Chinese government hates Shen Yun and has tried to disrepute it several times. With the recent CCP coronavirus outbreak, Beijing tried to capitalize on the pandemic and started spreading rumors that Shen Yun dancers who were scheduled to perform in Utah in the United States might be infected. However, the County Health Department hit back at the rumors.

“We heard some rumors that were going around in regards to the Shen Yun troupe, and we just wanted to make sure people knew it was safe to go to the performance, that we weren’t worried about any of the dancers having coronavirus,” department spokeswoman Charla Haley said to The Washington Post.

China spread propaganda that Shen Yun dancers were infected with the CCP coronavirus. (Image: YouTube / Screenshot)

Shen Yun organizers have had to reschedule or cancel the performances in regions most affected by the viral outbreak. People who already purchased tickets in affected areas have Had their ticket money refunded.

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