5 Selfcare Practices During the CCP Virus Lockdown

While remaining isolated at home, taking good care of your body and mind might prove a challenge. (Image: via Pexels / CC0 1.0)

While remaining isolated at home, taking good care of your body and mind might prove a challenge. Since stores are running low on supplies, you might not get your hands on the beauty and health products that you regularly use. The spas and healing centers will also be closed. Under such circumstances, some ancient wellness selfcare practices can come in handy.

Hair care

If you can’t find any shampoos or other hair care products, check whether you can secure some frankincense oil. If so, put a few drops of the oil in a steamer and let the steam pass through your wet hair. Not only will it strengthen the roots of the hair, but since you will be breathing in the steam, you can also gain some relief from problems like sinusitis as your hair dries.

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Tongue and mouth

When it comes to the tongue, a toothbrush alone is not enough to keep it free from toxins. When your tongue is covered by plaque or bacteria, it will become more difficult to taste food. Under lockdown conditions, people might slack off by only lightly brushing their teeth. Make sure that you use a scraper on your tongue until there is no chalky residue left on it.

(Image: Screenshot / YouTube)
Using a scraper on the tongue can help remove plaque and bacteria. (Image: Screenshot / YouTube)

In case you cannot find any mouthwash, do not fret. Take a tablespoon or two of organic coconut or sesame oil and swish it in your mouth for a few minutes. Spit it out and your mouth should be free of toxins and bacteria.

Sleeping well

Getting restricted to your home for a long time can disrupt sleeping patterns. Someone who may have slept from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. to go to work at 8 a.m. might now stay up late, say until 2 a.m. Such a shift in sleeping patterns can end up disrupting your inner clock. Instead of a long, uninterrupted sleep, you may now only be able to sleep for a few hours at irregular times.

Meditation can help resolve such sleep issues. “Becoming skilled in meditation may help you control or redirect the racing or ‘runaway’ thoughts that often lead to insomnia. Additionally, it can help relax your body, releasing tension and placing you in a peaceful state in which you’re more likely to fall asleep,” according to Healthline. One study that looked at meditation and sleep found that participants who meditated regularly fell asleep sooner and slept for longer periods than those who didn’t do any meditation.


In all probability, your consumption of junk food from restaurants will decrease due to the lockdown. Take advantage of this situation and ensure that the food you eat is nutritious. You may also start feeling some digestive issues due to a lack of physical activity. There is a simple remedy to deal with the issue — drink some ginger tea in the morning. When you feel that it has a positive effect on digestion, you can increase the consumption of ginger tea to 2 or 3 cups a day.

(Image via pixabay / CC0 1.0)
Drinking some ginger tea in the morning may help with digestive issues. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)


Your body might rack up too many impurities during the coronavirus lockdown. This can be dealt with through regular detoxing. Traditional Chinese Medicine suggests consuming dried orange peel for promoting proper urination, strengthening the spleen, and removing phlegm. Using honeysuckle flowers can cut down toxins and heat in the body as well as boost immunity. Plus, remember to enjoy some time out in the sun. Just getting 20 minutes of sunlight a day can kill numerous fungi and bacteria in the body.

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