Who Can Avoid a Deadly Plague?

Ancient China was called the “Land of the Divine.” The Chinese had a saying: “There are deities a yard (three feet) above your head,” which meant there were many of them close to humans. Everything in this world is controlled and arranged by divine beings. In the face of the CCP virus, how is it possible to avoid this deadly plague?

A deadly plague broke out during Emperor Simayan’s Xianning period (275-280)

A plague broke out in the Western Jin Dynasty during Emperor Simayan’s Xianning period (275-280). Yu Gun’s two older brothers fell ill and died. Yu Pi, an older brother, was also infected. The plague was severe and on the increase. Yu Gun’s parents wanted to take him and his younger brother far away to avoid the plague. Yu Gun said: “I’m not afraid of the plague.” He wanted to stay with Yu Pi and take care of him.

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A deadly plague broke out in the Western Jin Dynasty, during Emperor Simayan's Xianning period (275-280 AD).
A plague broke out in the Western Jin Dynasty during Emperor Simayan’s Xianning period (275-280). (Image: mattthewafflecat via Pixabay)

Yu Pi became seriously ill and wanted Yu Gun to leave with their parents and younger brother. Yu Gun refused to leave and continued to care for Yu Pi, day and night.

The plague took 100 days to die out. The family came home and were happy to find that Yu Pi had recovered and Yu Gun was not infected. People in the village were surprised. “Yu Gun is truly amazing! He dared to do things that others were too afraid to do,” they exclaimed.

The deadly plague was devastating, but it did not infect everyone. Those who were virtuous, kind, and protected others despite the danger were not harmed. It is inevitable that people become worried and anxious when dealing with today’s COVID-19 pandemic because this tiny virus can infect you even if you wear masks, gloves, protective clothes, and layers of protection. Divine beings can see people who are upright and righteous.

Translated by Elaine and edited by Helen

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