On Life: The Difference Between Simplicity and Laziness

Watching Netflix all day long can get boring. (Image: Pixabay / CC0 1.0)

How is sitting simply doing nothing, like in meditation, different from being lazy? One takes effort and focus, while the other is pure indulgence. First, let’s deal with laziness. Laziness often results from the absence of motivation and “will” to do something, work, or proceed further.

Too lazy to bother

Laziness is synonymous with slothfulness; it is sitting in front of the TV or YouTube or Netflix all day long, passively watching, and not being productive. You are engaged, for sure, but there is nothing of value to be derived from this engagement. You don’t do things when you have things to be done, places to go, people to meet. Pure lethargy all over. Now, that’s laziness.

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Sitting simply doing nothing is a whole other matter. First of all, it’s not easy. Try it. Try doing nothing, and sitting still for an hour. You will fidget and grumble. You will feel stifled and held back. You just want to get out there, and do something, anything. You will not be able to bear it. Now combine that with a meditative pose, and a requirement to keep the mind still. That is, not to think about anything. Now, if you can manage that, rest assured that’s an incredible achievement.

A simple life

When you make life simple, you have fewer pursuits. For example, you might have your focus on several different ventures in your career. You rationalize this by saying that if something doesn’t work out, you have a backup. But if you don’t give your whole attention to one thing, how can you make it a success in this competitive world? Hence, you’re forever tied to producing second class output. You need to let go and focus on one pursuit.

Meditate once in a while, and get in touch with your inner self. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)

There are many other benefits to living a simple life. You become good at whatever you pursue. As mentioned before, when you focus on a single goal, you will naturally be good at it, in a shorter span of time. Perfection will soon be yours. You find inner peace.

Or, at least, you will be closer to it than before. When your life is decluttered, then your mind reflects that state. Your mind is unburdened with a thousand thoughts and worries. Here, you can begin your journey toward self-discovery.

When you have many things happening in your life, other people will find it hard to communicate and deal with you. You are, as they say, “all over the place.” The overall restlessness will reflect in your tone of voice, how you handle things and relationships. You will have fewer friends, but the friends you have will be of better quality. The relationships will be deeper. Your finances improve considerably.

Focus on improving your skills and generate higher income. (Image: Screen Shot/ Youtube)
Focus on improving your skills and generate higher income. (Image: Screen Shot/ Youtube)

Firstly, when you aim to lead a simple life, you need to sell off the excess stuff laying in and around your home. Clear the space. Then, when you make efforts on improving in your career with a single-minded focus, you will reap the rewards. Your position will be upgraded in the company. No more unnecessary spending. All this contributes to improved finances.

Learning about yourself

You have lots more free time to think about yourself, your life, and where you need to head out next. Once you understand your strengths, you can work on them. You can do things that benefit your body and mind. You can lead a healthy lifestyle. All this happens when you simplify life, calm down, and look within.

Lastly, you will have massive freedom to pursue things you are passionate about. Just like the billionaires you see on TV with their philanthropic activities, you too will have time to spend caring for others, or traveling and learning about the world. Because you have taken one step out of the busy schedule and learned to live a simple life.

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