Innovative: Cool Kickstarter Products

Mila is a smart air purifier. (Image: via Kickstarter)

Kickstarter is a place where numerous innovative projects have come to life thanks to the generous funding of its supporters. In fact, the Kickstarter model of business is predicted to become a major funding model for startups in the future.

3 innovative Kickstarter startups that deserve your attention

1. Mila Air Purifier

When three dads discovered that the air purifiers available in the market will not give the clean air they wanted for their kids, they decided to team up and create the perfect air purifier. Mila is the result of their efforts. The device offers real-time monitoring of air conditions through a smartphone app. It learns the size of every room in your home so as to perform optimally. Mila is HEPA certified, meaning that it removes 99.7 percent of airborne particles that are 0.3 micrometers in diameter. This includes things like allergens, spores, dander, dust, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and particulate matter. Mila comes with six custom filters and eight sensors.

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“Our goal is simple: to make the absolute best air purifier on the market. That means top-notch performance, design, and technology, all at a price every family can afford,” the makers say right at the start of their Kickstarter campaign. And looking at the price, it seems as if they have delivered on the promise. At just US$249 per unit, Mila is far cheaper than its competitors like Dyson and Molekule which sell for US$599 and US$799 respectively. The filter price of Mila is also on the lower side at about US$39 to US$79. In comparison, Dyson’s filter is priced at around US$150 while the Molekule one comes at about US$140. You can view the Kickstarter page here.

2. Mellow sous vide

Mellow Duo is a sous vide machine that was monetized on Kickstarter.
Mellow Duo is a sous vide machine. (Image: via Kickstarter)

Mellow Duo is a device that promises to deliver perfect sous vide meals every time you use it. Using the sous vide cooking technique, the food turns out tender and juicier while also keeping all nutrients. The dual-vat system of Mellow Duo allows you to cook in larger quantities than other sous vide machines available in the market. It also enables you to cook multiple dishes at the same time.

A smartphone app ensures 24/7 connectivity with your device, meaning that no matter where you are, you will always be in control of the cooking process. Imagine going for a 30-minute walk and still being able to know exactly how the chicken is cooking! The basic single vat device costs US$149 and is good enough to cook up to 6 portions of food. The dual vat version costs US$199 and can cook up to 14 portions at a time. You can cook meat, seafood, vegetables, rice, and even desserts using Mellow Duo. Check out the device on Kickstarter now.

3. LaserPecker engraver

LaserPecker is excellent for engraving. (Image: via Kickstarter)

Ever looked at engravings and wondered whether you can make a custom engraving on some of the items in your home? Well, LaserPecker Pro is a portable engraver that should definitely help you with this dilemma. You can use the device to engrave on any material, whether it be paperboard, leather, fabric, wood, felt, plastic, and so on.

Designed for long-term usage, the LaserPecker can apparently last for up to 10,000 hours. The basic version costs about US$289 and comes with the device, goggles, adapter, protective shells, tripod, USB cable, and some craft materials. The Deluxe version costs US$419 and adds in an auto-focus supporting stand as an extra over the basic version. To know more, visit the Kickstarter page. 

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