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Back to School: 5 Ways to Help Kids Adjust

As some schools start to reopen following the COVID-19 lockdown, kids will now have to get back into the hustle and bustle of school life. For some children, this may be quite troublesome since they have spent many months at home. After such a leisurely life, dealing with the stress of school might cause some agitation and anxiety. Here are five ways you can ensure that your children quickly adapt.

1. Memorable first day

Make sure that the first day is quite memorable. Maybe you can make the morning breakfast a grand feast. Eating some lip-smacking food should put them in a good mood when heading out to school. Alternatively, you can give them a surprise gift before they leave home. Even when the kids come back, try to do something exciting, like going to a movie or visiting their favorite restaurant. An excellent first day should make the children get over their anxiety about school life.

(Image via pixabay / CC0 1.0)
An excellent first day should make the children get over their anxiety about school life. (Imag:e via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

2. Adjusting to a new routine

Going to school means that the kids will come into contact with their friends once more. This should be exciting for them. However, leaving the comfort of parental care that they have had for many months can induce a sense of loss among some kids. “They will have enjoyed time with Mom and Dad, even if you found it exhausting. Acknowledge that sadness. Tell them: “I am going to miss you too and I love you.” Younger ones may show separation anxiety, but it’s to be expected. They might be a bit tearful, regress, and act out a bit. Don’t misinterpret that as something more significant. It is totally normal,” psychotherapist Noel McDermott said to Mirror.

3. Talk with them

When your kids come back from school, inquire about their activities. Find out what they did that day, what they learned, whether they faced any trouble with bullying, and so on. Do not force them to answer your questions. Casually chat with them to get the information. This will give them the confidence to reveal even the most troublesome matters to you. Otherwise, they might remain silent. Continue this tactic every day for a week or two, after which you only need to check their school status once or twice every week.

(Image: Screenshot / YouTube)
Ask your kids what they learned that day and try to find out if they had any problems. (Image: Screenshot / YouTube)

4. Motivate to learn

Having spent many months watching TV and playing video games, your kids will have developed a leisurely mindset. Getting them back on track to start studying again can be hard. Keep watch over their learning activities and ensure that they complete all the homework assigned to them on time. To motivate them to study, you can conduct short quiz sessions once a week and give them some gifts if they ace the test. Once their mindset has adapted to daily learning activities, you can be assured that the kids are back on track academically.

5. Explain safety practices

Even though schools have reopened, it does not mean that kids are free to do whatever they want outside the home. Make them realize the dangers of COVID-19 and educate them about the social distancing norms they need to practice. Maintaining distance from their friends can be vexing for some kids. However, drill it in their minds that it is necessary to observe social distancing and make sure that they follow all safety protocols implemented by the school.

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