To Respect Others Is to Respect Yourself

A hotel lobby.

Two candidates for a job in hotel management get a lesson in respect from an unexpected source. (Image: JSell via Pixabay)

This is an example of the importance of showing respect to everyone. A blogger in the hotel management industry shared an experience that is a valuable lesson for everyone.

While applying for a job, the blogger went through several rounds of interviews for a position as an assistant to the general manager of a hotel. He and one other candidate, a young woman, reached the final round for an in-person interview with the general manager.

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On the day of the interview, the two of them were asked to proceed to the general manager’s office. Along the way, they saw a cleaning lady wiping down glass walls. As they passed by, the cleaning lady carelessly bumped her cart into the young woman, spilling a bucket of water and wetting the young woman’s dress and shoes, as well as the blogger’s pants and shoes.

The young lady shows no respect to the cleaning lady.
On the way to the general manager’s office, a cleaning lady bumped into them and spilled water on their clothes and shoes. (Image: via Pixabay)

The importance of showing respect to everyone

The young woman immediately became angry, shouting at the cleaning lady and showing her no respect: “Don’t you look?! You knew we were behind you! Did you do this on purpose?! I have an interview. How can I attend it now? I hold you responsible if the interview doesn’t go well! Oh, what an unlucky day!”

She turned to the blogger and reasoned: “You wait for me. I need to tidy up a bit, and then let’s go together. It doesn’t look good if you go alone, does it?” Without waiting for a reply, she hurried to the washroom.

Hearing her words, the blogger was left with a poor impression of the young woman. He turned to the cleaning lady and tried to comfort her: “Madam, I am fine. It’s just some water. Please don’t feel too bad about it. Just be more careful next time.”

He then helped her clean up the spill on the floor. While waiting for the young woman to return, he continued chatting with the cleaning lady, helping her wipe the upper area of the glass wall where she had difficulty reaching.

The young woman finally returned and the two of them made their way to the general manager’s office. The manager immediately extended his hand to the blogger: “Congratulations! You got the job.”

The manager shook the hand of the blogger.
The general manager congratulated the blogger on passing the test and offered him the job. (Image: via Max Pixel)

The last round of the interview was, in fact, a test for the two of them performed by the cleaning lady. The manager explained: “As a service industry, we need to always keep others in our hearts. Knowing how to respect others is of utmost importance in hotel service.”

A show of respect for others is a show of strong moral character and respect for oneself. By considering others’ feelings, and stepping into their shoes, we not only act from a place of compassion and kindness, but we also obtain the trust of others.

Translated by Cecilia and edited by T. Denning

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