How Rubbing These Hand Reflexology Points Can Improve Your Health

Hand Reflexology

Hand Reflexology has been practiced for thousands of years and can benefit the wellbeing of people of all ages. (Image: PIkist

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), each of our five fingers corresponds to one of our five major organs. This concept is also known in other cultures in a slight variation of ways referred to as hand reflexology. The five major organs are also known as zang organs in traditional Chinese medicine. Collectively, they are yin organs. Their main function is to “produce and store qi and xue (blood), jinye (body fluids), jing (essence), and shen (spirit).”

The zang organs are as follows:

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  1. Heart: The heart in TCM is responsible for storing shen (spirit). Physically, it governs blood and meridians. Emotionally, it controls joy.
  2. Spleen: The spleen is a quite versatile organ. It is responsible for the transportation of essential qi and xue (blood), containing both nutrition and water. It is also responsible for supplying them to the other zang organs. The spleen also helps to contain xue (blood) inside the meridians. Physically, it governs the limbs. Emotionally, it controls pondering.
  3. Lungs: The primary function of the lungs is the production of pectoral qi, which is produced by breathing. Physically, they govern the skin and hair. Emotionally, they control grief.
  4. Kidneys: The kidneys are a versatile organ. They are responsible for the containment of chi. They guide conception, development, birth, and growth. Physically, they are responsible for producing marrow.
  5. Liver: The primary function of the liver is to help the qi flow freely through the meridians. It also stores blood and maintains the tendons.

Rubbing the tip of each finger can promote and improved immunity. If done regularly, it can even enable your body to repair itself and resolve minor problems. In the following, you will find which organ each finger corresponds to and what benefits you may expect from rubbing that finger’s reflexology points.

Hand refexology
Hu Naiwen rubbing the index finger. (Image: Screenshot / YouTube)

Finger-rubs benefit the whole body

Massaging the fingers can boost immunity and improve various illnesses. The thumb is connected to the spleen, the forefinger to the liver, the middle finger to the heart, the ring finger to the lungs, and the little finger to the kidneys. Simply use the second segment of the fore and middle fingers of one hand to hold the tip of a finger on the other hand. Lightly rock the fingers in circles one by one for 10 seconds each. You can do it when you are tired at work, commuting, or any time you feel like it. The corresponding organs are massaged as you rub your fingers.

Thumb: spleen and stomach

Rubbing the thumb frequently benefits the spleen and stomach. Food can be digested quickly, which means nutrients can be readily absorbed, the digestive system improves, and excretion is smoother. As the digestive system works better, immunity is enhanced and it is harder for germs and viruses to get in.

Forefinger: liver and eyes

The COVID-19 pandemic calls for mask-wearing. The eyes are not protected by the mask and thus need extra care. Rubbing the forefinger can strengthen the liver and brighten the eyesight.

Middle finger: heart

The middle finger is connected to the heart. Rubbing it often can clear the mind and improve memory. It can also balance emotions and thus help you maintain peace of mind. This is especially beneficial for high-performance employees, business owners, and stressed mothers.

Rubbing little finger.
Rubbing the little finger. Massaging the fingers can improve immunity, treat physical pain, and help one to lose weight. (Image: YouTube / Screenshot)

Ring finger: lungs

The ring finger is connected to the lungs. When the lungs are in good condition, problems like coughs and asthma occur less frequently. According to traditional Chinese medical studies, the lungs are structurally associated with the large intestine. Healthy lungs can greatly benefit the large intestines and help improve digestion. The ring finger is also associated with the sympathetic nervous system. Rubbing it regularly can help regulate the autonomic nervous system as well as the immune system.

Little finger: kidneys

The little finger is connected to the kidneys. Massaging it can improve the kidneys’ condition and help eliminate edema (water in the tissues). The kidneys, on the other hand, are closely related to diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and eye problems. Its improvement will indirectly help correct these conditions and power you up with good spirits and positive energy.

Translated by CC and edited by Helen and Hermann Rohr

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