Life Will Be Good Once These 3 Blessings Are Cherished


The key value of our life lies in what we have done and what we have cherished while we live. (Image: macayran via Pixabay)

It does not matter whether a person lives a long life or a short one. The key value of life lies in what we have done and our blessings. Life is worthy not because we have done something great or small. Many things may seem pretty common in our daily lives, but they usually are major events at various life stages.

3 blessings that need to be cherished

1. Harmonious family

A blessed family must be harmonious and luck will visit a blessed family, making the family become more prosperous. A harmonious family is crucial to the blessings you can obtain.

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A home is like a fruit tree, which can bear any fruit if it grows vigorously. A home can also shelter you from wind and rain during the changes of the four seasons over an entire year so that you can live in peace.

A good family means good people; a bad family means there are bad people in the family. In life, many people create problems and make conflicts in their homes, and the result of doing so is that the family loses harmony and the family members grow apart like scattered sand. Each one leads their own life, leading to the breakdown of family relations.

For such a family, the God of Wealth will make a detour when they see them. Where will good luck come from then? From watching the family quarrel, the children will learn the same ways, which has a bad impact.

To be blessed, the most important thing is to have a harmonious family.

asian family having dinner.
A blessed family must be harmonious, and luck will visit a blessed family making the family become more prosperous. (Image: via Pixabay)

2. Money

In a family, besides daily expenses, you need money — children need money to go to school, parents need money for their support, and extra money is needed during holidays and festivals. With sufficient money, everything seems easier to deal with; without money, things may become impossible to achieve.

Money has never been evil. On the contrary, it is like the foundation of a building. If the foundation is well laid, the building rises as high as is necessary. If the foundation is not well laid, the building will have problems.

3. Health

The greatest blessing in a person’s life is health. Most people are healthy when they are young, but not everyone is able to maintain good health well into old age.

People practicing Tai Chi
The greatest blessing in a person’s life is health. (Image: James Justin via Flickr)

Only with health can there be blessings, only with health can there be happiness. One person, one life; one grass, one season. The most precious things in a person’s life are peace and health. Since you never know what is going to happen and what you will become, you should cherish the present. You should cherish everything you have because it is your life’s feng shui and your blessing.

Translated by Jean Chen and edited by Helen

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