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Taiwan Holds a Low-Keyed 2020 National Day Celebration

Taiwan celebrated its 109th National Day on October 10 amid China’s escalating verbal intimidation, military threats, and economic coercion. Unlike its tough response to China in previous years, Taiwan seemed to purposely hold a rather low-key Double Tenth Day celebration this year.

The air display at Taiwan’s Double Tenth National Day celebration on Oct. 10. (Image: The National Day Preparatory Committee)

The origins of Double Tenth Day

Double Tenth Day is celebrated on October 10, which is commonly referred to as Double Tenth National Day. It is to commemorate the start of the Wuchang Uprising (also known as the Xinhai Revolution), which led to the establishment of the Republic of China on January 1, 1912. Please watch this video of Taiwan’s National Day:

President Tsai’s National Day address

At the National Day celebration ceremony, President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) delivered an address titled “2020 Proud of Taiwan (團結台灣 自信前行).” In addition to outlining the country’s post-pandemic economic strategies, Tasi also urged China to heed Taiwan’s voice and change its way of handling the bilateral relations.

President Tsai delivers an address at the National Day celebration ceremony. (Image: Presidential Office)

She also called for joint facilitation for cross-strait reconciliation, peaceful dialogue, as well as discussion on how the two sides can live in peace and coexist based on mutual respect, goodwill, and understanding.

Ministry of National Defense Honor Guards performs at the National Day celebration ceremony. (Image: Presidential Office)

National Day celebration performances

The National Day celebrations started off with performances by a Hakka PaYin Troupe (客家北管八音團) and continued with the parade of the Ministry of National Defense Honor Guards, and other performances by the Military Police Rapid Reaction Company (Motorcycle Platoon), Taipei First Girls High School’s marching band and honor guards, and some folklore and sport performances.

A group of high school students cheerfully participate in the National Day celebration ceremony. (Image: Presidential Office)

Air display

One of the highlights of the National Day celebrations was the air display, including a formation of F-16s fighter jets flying over the Presidential Office, the Air Force’s Thunder Tiger Aerobatics Team performing an air show, and two helicopters carrying Taiwan’s national flag flying over the celebration site.

The air display is performed for over 30 minutes above the Presidential Office. (Image: Presidential Office)

Massive projection mapping show

At night, an eight-minute projection mapping show that illuminated the facade of the historic Presidential Office building was staged every half hour from October 6 thru the 10th.

Taipei First Girls High School’s marching band and honor guards. (Image: The National Day Preparatory Committee)

National Day fireworks display

The National Day fireworks display took place in southern Taiwan’s Tainan City. The massive fireworks display commenced with warm-up performances starting at 2 pm on October 10.

The magnificent fireworks display held in Tainan City. (Image: A medical doctor in Tainan)

With five themes, each lasting for seven minutes, there were 27,354 fireworks set off from the ground of Tainan’s Yuguang Island (漁光島). The fireworks display lasted 33 minutes and lit up the night sky above the island, which attracted over 500,000 visitors flooding into four main viewing areas.

The light show features the performance by a fleet of 400 drones. (Image: A medical doctor in Tainan)

The fireworks display also featured a light performance by a fleet of 400 drones, creating the Double Tenth logo, and other stunning images. Another feature of the celebrations in Tainan City is a parade participated in by local civic organizations, along with a variety of other music and folklore performances.

A parade participated in by local civic organizations is held in Tainan City. (Image: Courtesy of Annie Cheng)

National Day evening reception

The National Day evening reception was held in the port city of Keelung in northern Taiwan on October 9. All the cruise ships and other vessels in the port sounded their horns at the same time during the performances by pop singers and other artists.

A cruise ship happened to pass by during the National Day evening reception was held in the Port of Keelung on Oct. 9. (Image: Keelung City Government)

To celebrate Double-tenth National Day, the Port Life in Keelung Festival (好港節) was held at YM Oceanic Culture & Art Museum in Keelung on October 9-10. In addition to various music performances, there are over 40 stands selling exotic snacks, beverages, and other interesting items. Moreover, some beers were provided for free. Another highlight of the event was a boat cruise on the Port of Keelung.

Port Life in Keelung Festival was held in Keelung to mark National Day. (Image: Yang Ming Oceanic Culture & Art Museum)

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