Thursday, October 21, 2021

Choosing the Right Path in an Age of Uncertainty

Today, the CCP virus, which is known by other names, such as the coronavirus or COVID-19, is ravaging the entire world with worry. So far, almost 40 million people worldwide have tested positive for Covid-19 and over 1 million deaths have been recorded from the condition. The COVID-19 epidemic is disrupting society and business, upending people’s lives, and causing widespread concern in this age of uncertainty, but also moments of compassion.

There is a Chinese saying: “There are unexpected events in heaven, misfortunes, and blessings that can happen to people at any time.”  Birth, old age, sickness, and death are an inescapable part of life; hence, sorrows, joys, separation, and reunion that originate from these four stages of life are beyond human control.

People often say that destiny is in our own hands. In fact, we cannot choose our own destiny. Divine destiny makes that decision for us, but when opportunities come our way, we can choose which path of life to follow. This is exactly the theme shown in the film Encounter and it alerts people of the right choices they can make in life.

There is a Chinese saying: ‘There are unexpected events in heaven, misfortunes, and blessings can happen to people at any time.’ (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Many top medical experts in the world have predicted that the virus will be more widespread this coming winter and that it is wishful thinking that there will be a vaccine readily available. At this critical time in such an age of uncertainty, with life and death choices facing us every day, the release of the film Encounter by New Century Film is telling us that heaven is compassionately making arrangements, both large and small.

In this movie, a young lady named Shuang Lian became infected with COVID-19. She was walking in the street and suddenly collapsed in a daze. She remained on the ground as nobody dared to help her the moment they knew that she was infected with the virus.  However, one passer-by came to Shuang Lian’s aid, and the minute she responded to his touch, she told the rescuer that she was infected with the virus. She thought the person would react in the same way as the others and surely abandon her. She did not expect her rescuer to utter the words “I know,” which was very comforting to hear at that moment in her life.

She did not expect her rescuer to utter the words: “I know”, which was very comforting to hear at that moment in her life. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

She could not understand why this person was willing to risk his life to help her without fear. This truly moved her and she knew she had met a good person, which is rare to find in China today — a kind and trustworthy individual. It was because of this trust that she was rescued and eventually recovered from the virus.

We could ask: “Why did he risk catching the virus to help another person who was a stranger?” He was a Falun Gong practitioner.  In the film, there is a principle that is very apt. It goes like this: “The virus is tiny, you cannot see it, but it is a killer; Buddhas are in the cosmic space, yet you cannot see them, but they can keep you safe from danger.” Falun Dafa is truth, compassion, and forbearance. In this age of uncertainty, these words can help you weather the storm because you believe in them. This is the power of Buddhas.

Defeating the CCP virus will be a victory for humanity, but finding the eternal way of life is the greatest victory.

Translated by Chua BC and edited by Michael Segarty

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