8 Health Benefits of Onions

Different types of onions.

Onions are super for your health. (Image: Colin via Wikimedia Commons)

Onions originate in western Asia and are available all year round. They are nutrient-dense, with the bulb containing 8.5 percent sugar and 9.2 percent dry matter, and they are rich in vitamins and minerals; in every 100 g of onion, there are 5 mg of Vitamin A,  9.3 mg of Vitamin C, 40 mg of calcium, 50 mg of phosphorus, 8 mg of iron, and 18 amino acids. Onions are best eaten uncooked when they are soft and juicy.

8 health benefits of onions

1. Lowering blood sugar

Onions contain an organic component similar to Tolbutamide, a component of drugs that treat diabetes. They can cause Cortexin to be generated in the body, which is a diuretic and supports the absorption of glucose by the cells.

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The intake of 25-50 g of onions with each main meal will help diabetic patients lower their level of blood sugar and obtain a better diuretic effect. People who are taking medicine and intending to consume onions to achieve the same effect should monitor the change in blood sugar and consult their doctor to get the dose corrected.

Onions contain an organic component similar to Tolbutamide, a component of drugs that treat diabetes.
Onions contain an organic component similar to Tolbutamide, a component of drugs that treat diabetes. (Image: stevepb via Pixabay)

2. Lowering cholesterol

Onions contain diallyl disulfide, which can activate fibrinolytic proteins and vasodilate blood vessels and coronary arteries, as well as facilitate the evacuation of sodium salts. This lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of thrombus.

3. Antioxidant

Selenium, a trace element, is found in onions. It is an antioxidant that can generate Glutathione and transport oxygen to cells so they can breathe. With the increase of glutathione in the body, the occurrence rate of cancer will be reduced substantially. Studies have shown that people who eat them frequently are less likely to contract stomach cancer than those who do not.

4. Preventing cardiovascular diseases

They are rich in quercetin (among the top ones of all vegetables), a compound that can vasodilate blood vessels and promote blood circulation, lower the rigidity of blood vessels, and prevent arteriosclerosis. They also contain onion essential oils that suppress cholesterol in high-fat diets and increase the activity of fibrinolytic enzymes, reducing blood viscosity, and improving atherosclerosis.

5. Sterilization and bacteriostat

Onions can be used for sterilization and act as a bacteriostat. In some countries and regions, people use onion extract to treat and control infectious diseases.

Onions contain onion essential oils that suppress cholesterol in high-fat diets.
Onions contain onion essential oils that suppress cholesterol in high-fat diets. (Image: via Max Pixel)

6. Fighting colds

The pungent component in onions can be viewed as “a natural anti-bacterial agent,” and be used to fight the common cold. They can boost your immunity, so they are anti-bacterial. A quick homemade cold medicine can be made by cutting an onion in half and sprinkling the cut surfaces with brown sugar to draw out the beneficial liquid. Consume this by the spoonful to help your body fight off a cold.

7. Boosting bone density

Onions are rich in calcium, magnesium, and potassium. The proportion of calcium and phosphorus is in the correct balance to facilitate the absorption of calcium, which may boost your bone density.

8. Supporting dental health

The sulfur compounds in onions are strong anti-bacterial agents that kill many bacteria, including Streptococcus mutans, which causes cavities. Fresh onions are most effective, but due to the strong odor, eating them in a salad may make them more palatable. Chew some mint leaves or parsley stems to help reduce the odor for those around you afterward.

Translated by Audrey and edited by Helen

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