Sunday, August 1, 2021

Character Is the Most Valuable Thing in a Person’s Life

Character is the victor’s laurel crown and the glory of life. Keep your character and then you will keep the greatest wealth.

Honesty and integrity are part of good character

Our recognition of a person often starts with honesty, trusting the person’s character. If a person is unable to win others’ trust, it is very difficult for him to achieve more no matter how capable he may be.

A well-known company was hiring a financial assistant. Personnel specialists conducted interviews and screened the applicants.

Many people went to the company for interviews every day. Eventually, three people remained. However, the abilities of the three were almost identical, which made the final selection impossible. So the boss was consulted. The boss just asked the three people the same question: “How can you help the company avoid paying tax on earnings of 500,000 yuan (US$75,000)?”

Both the first and second applicants said they could make up false accounts to meet the requirement. The boss nodded, saying nothing, then told them to wait for further notice.

A calculator.
Both the first and second applicants said they could make up false accounts to meet the requirement. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

The last one, a young woman, was taken aback for a moment, and then sat silent for a long time before asking: “Are you sure you want to do this?” The boss nodded, and the girl walked directly to the door to leave the interview.

Straight away the boss stood up and smiled at her and said: “Miss, please wait. You are the most honest person among these candidates, someone with real integrity. Congratulations on passing the interview!”

Later, this young woman was promoted to be the respected Chief Financial Officer.

Gratitude and kindness

Aaron, who was impoverished, had been trying to find a job so that he could raise his 2-year-old child.

One day, he finally obtained an interview and was so excited. He prepared for it for a long time. Early on the morning of the interview, Aaron took the bus to the company.

On the way there, the bus was stopped by a traffic accident, but no one was willing to get off to help. Aaron asked the driver to open the door and wait for him so that he could help the injured. The driver said: “The bus is not waiting for anyone. I will drive away if you get off.”

After a struggle with his conscience, Aaron chose to get off the bus to try to save people, giving up his precious interview in the process. Finally, the injured were rushed to the hospital and were stabilized because of the quick treatment.

Inside an empty bus.
Aaron chose to get off the bus to try to save people, giving up his precious job interview in the process. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Aaron said: “I missed a job opportunity this time, and there may be more in the future, but a person has only one life. This morning, I had only the idea of helping people in my mind.”

Fortunately, because of his kind behavior, his actions were reported by many media. After that, he received multiple job offers, including one from the company where he had missed the interview. Not only that, but his life also improved because of donations he received from kind people.

Kindness is like a circle. If you know how to be grateful and be kind, one day, all you have done will be rewarded in different ways.

Translated by Jean Chen and edited by Helen

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