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A Doctor’s Recommendations to Increase Immunity and to Sleep Well

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Hu Naiwen, a 73-year-old well-known Chinese medicine practitioner, sees many patients every day, but he is full of energy and does not feel tired with his busy schedule. He said that he keeps his body healthy with these four tips. 

Meditate every day

Meditation is beneficial for sleep and immunity. Mental recovery is essential for health. The most basic way is to meditate. I meditate for a while every day, closing my eyes and crossing my legs to calm my mind. At this moment, the mind will become pure and straightforward. After I meditated regularly, my mind gradually became calm, and I became less irritable and angry.

I meditate every night. I calm my mind while reviewing what I have learned before. As a result, for more than 30 years up until now, I hardly forget what I have read. Another advantage of meditation is that it makes the mind tranquil and will stop overthinking. I often fall asleep as soon as I lie down. 

When buying vegetables, I buy seasonal vegetables, which are fresh and delicious. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Eat seasonal vegetables and fruits

I usually eat simple foods, rarely eat a lot of fish or meat, and seldom eat out. When buying vegetables, I buy seasonal vegetables, which are fresh and delicious. Just taste the original flavor. Seasonal fruits are also better.

Most importantly, I don’t eat raw food, and I rarely eat salad because eating some raw vegetables can cause problems such as goiter or parasitic infection. I also drink very little ice water. 

Maintain your teeth

With good teeth, the body can absorb the nutrients better. I paid much attention to the maintenance of the teeth. Chen Xiuyuan, a famous Chinese medicine practitioner in the Qing Dynasty, had a tooth-powder prescription that can be used to brush teeth or as a mouthwash.

Chen once wrote that if a person brushes his teeth with this prescription from the age of three or four, he can keep his teeth until he gets old and will never get dental problems. We now know that the tooth powder acts as an anti-inflammatory, stimulates the gum metabolism, provides pain reduction, and strengthens the kidney, which is in charge of the bones and marrow.  

Black piano keys with a sheet of music overlaid.
In my spare time, I listen to good music and watch good performances and artworks. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Listen to good music and watch good performances to recharge the spirit 

In my spare time, I listen to good music and watch good performances and artworks. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the “five sounds” in music correspond to the “five internal organs” of the human liver, heart, spleen, lung, and kidney.

Listening to the right music can calm the mind and benefit the five internal organs. I occasionally put on some relaxing music, particularly entitled Pudu and Jishi, in the clinic. Once, when I played a record of them, the patients fell asleep. 

Watching lively art performances can also give people positive energy. Positive literary content will make people become introspective. In the process of introspection, one can increase positive energy.

At the same time, they will unknowingly improve their morals and make themselves a better person. The improvement of the spirit will naturally bring about changes in the physical state. 

Translated by Joseph Wu and edited by Helen  

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