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US 2020 Election: ‘A Battle of Values’

The results of the US 2020 election on November 3 are still pending. Despite the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) efforts to downplay reports on the U.S. election, netizens in mainland China are anxious about the outcome. Many of them still wait with unprecedented enthusiasm.

On November 5, four topics related to the U.S. Election were viewed on Weibo over 6.41 billion times and ranked on Weibo. The top 10 in the hot search list received over 1.4 million discussions.

Among them, the topic “Trump team has sued in three key swing states” topped the hot search list and received more than 8 million discussions. As of the 6th, there are still about 380 million views on the topic of the U.S. election.

A battle of values in the US 2020 election

Before the general election, mainland Chinese NetEase posted an article entitled “2020 U.S. Election: Not a palace drama, but a battle of values, the final battle between good and evil.”

The article sharply criticized the U.S. mainstream media for their “fake news” and its dominating coverage of the Democratic Party’s controversial policies: on legal marijuana, men and women sharing the same toilet, homosexuality, abortion, and so on.

According to an online media quote of Vice President Pence: “Democratic candidate Joe Biden is ‘cheerleading for China.'” Pence adds that the Trump administration is “going to hold China accountable with what they did to America on the coronavirus.”

US 2020 ELECTION Vice President Pence
Vice President Pence has stated that the Trump administration will hold China accountable for what it did to America with the coronavirus. (Image: The White House / CC0 1.0)

Many critical of the left-wing’s leniency toward China despite the nation’s unethical posture in regards to human rights, freedom of speech, and justice believe that the Democratic Party, if elected, may “dance to the CCP’s tune.”

It has become evident that a large number of netizens don’t trust the voice of the media anymore. A saying is growing in popularity and spreading among those critical of the mass media’s objectivity: “Those who win the media win the world; those who vote are not counted, and those who count the votes are the bosses.”

The media bias issue

Media critics call it the “collective degradation of American mainstream media.” One aspect being their open bias towards the left and socialism which according to critical social analysts has severely damaged religious beliefs, family ethics, and social morals of the American people — especially the younger generation of Americans.

Those supportive of Donald Trump often express that they support him not for his political orientation, but for the values he appears to stand for. They see it as a hopeful sign that the appearance of a non-politician serving as president could represent a return to the traditional values ​​of the United States: being pro-God and pro-life, supporting traditional marriage, the family, and ethics.

President Trump
US 2020 election- Donald Trump’s supporters often express that they support him not for his political orientation, but for the values he appears to stand for. (Image: The White House / CC0 1.0)

According to the above-mentioned NetEase article, many Trump supporters “advocate hard work and self-sufficiency, and they are embarrassed to receive government benefits; they have a clear sense of right and wrong and think that breaking the law is breaking the law, and there should be no gray areas.”

The article bluntly states that what is happening in the 2020 U.S. election is a war of values – a contest between good and evil, and considers it “a watershed in the nation’s fortune” and says that “it is more so about the destiny of the future world!”

The article was praised by 5,000 netizens, although soon thereafter, the full text was deleted by the Chinese Communist Party. But it is still circulating on the WeChat official account.

Disappearing values

The book: How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World points out the following food for thought:

“In terms of morality, socialism in Western countries uses ‘anti-discrimination,’ ‘anti-hatred,’ ‘value neutrality,’ and ‘political correctness’ as excuses to abolish morality.

Many people critical of the use of these concepts mixed in with socialist campaigning under the name of democracy, believe that by labeling certain concepts as being “politically incorrect” and amplifying terms like “value neutrality” during campaigning, traditional values are being obscured and sidelined.

A group of people waving American flags.
Political correctness and value neutrality should not be used to obscure or sideline traditional values and morality. (Image: The White House / CC0 1.0)

Conscious citizens, both red and blue, who still have faint memories of different times, consider many such value judgments to be synonymous with abolishing morality itself and that this in turn is responsible for the desensitization of society towards blasphemous words and deeds and sexually perverted behavior, the public rise of the porn industry and gambling, and drugs being legalized and protected by laws.

To those citizens of high faith, the ever advancing so called liberation in the social, political, and religious arenas actually constitute a reverse discrimination that goes against their belief in God, high morals, and universal principles.

Some critical groups of people — who are still relatively conservative in regards to their beliefs, faith, and high moral principles — notice that especially the mass media in the U.S. is portraying them as being “right-wing,” “racist,” or “unliberal,” and that this is ultimately a scheme to marginalize and gradually eliminate them as a group.

Dark collusion

It is no secret that China has set its eye on hijacking democracy in America. According to The Hoover Institution’s report, Chinese Influence and American Interests released in the United States in 2018, the CCP has apparently already fully infiltrated and manipulated the U.S. government, universities, media, think tanks, enterprises, and overseas Chinese circles.

The coercion and corruption extends to many U.S. politicians and businessmen who have colluded with the CCP to sell out American interests.

According to evidence provided by Tony Bobulinsky, a businessman, and the former partner of Joe Biden’s son Hunter, the corruption and erotic scandal of the Biden family involved Huaxin Energy, a Chinese company with a military background.

Tony Bobulinsky.
Tony Bobulinsky, businessman and former partner to Hunter Biden, disclosed details of the Biden family’s dealings in China. (Image: Screenshot / YouTube)

According to reports, Biden himself also owns 10 percent of the Chinese company. The Biden campaign has so far denied that he committed any wrongdoing during his time in office. During one of his last presidential debates the Democratic nominee said: “I have not taken a penny from any foreign source ever in my life.”

Daily Mail quotes Steve Bannon as saying: “Absolutely the meetings happened. This is not off of some Russia intelligence operation. That email’s correct, the meaning’s correct and, by the way, that 10 per cent of the equity is Joe Biden’s.”

Overseas media reported that the “hard drive incident” involved Ye Jianming, a businessman from the United Front Work Department of the Communist Party of China.

Ye Jianming
Ye Jianming, a businessman from the United Front Work Department of the Chinese Communist Party, was reported to be involved in the Biden family business arrangement. (Image: Screenshot / YouTube)

In 2017, Ye Jianming and Hunter reached an agreement. In addition to the annual “consulting introduction fee” of US$10 million, Hunter and Ye Jianming shared a 50 percent controlling interest in another holding company.

In retrospect, analytical minds following these topics believe this may explain why the CCP has always supported Biden and slandered Trump.

In a campaign speech before the election on November 3, Trump’s daughter Ivanka told the American people: “Choose Trump to realize the American dream and Biden to realize the Chinese (CCP) dream.”

Biden ballot fraud accusations

President Trump accused the Democratic Party of manipulating election results and resorting to unfair means, such as “ghost ballots” or dead people voting, in order to create a “Biden” curve. Should the accusations find merit, this would obviously violate the law.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China couldn’t hold back their delight and announced: “I hope that the new U.S. government will meet China (the Chinese Communist Party) halfway.”

However, as voting in the U.S. election continued, according to yet to be verified reports, more fraud scandals were reported by the public and videos of cheating at the swing states vote counting point were uploaded to the Internet.

Woman holding an "I voted" sticker.
As yet to be verified fraud scandals were reported by the public as voting in the U.S. election continued. (Image: via Phillip Goldsberry via Unsplash)

Public reaction

Talk of cheating in the presidential election triggered widespread protests from Trump supporters. Many Trump supporters in more than 60 cities and towns in six swing states and other states continue to hold protest rallies.

On Saturday morning Nov. 7, the AP forecast that Mr. Biden would win Pennsylvania, which would give him enough electoral votes to be President-elect. Tens of thousands of his supporters celebrated across the country.

This is far from over as the Trump team has filed a lawsuit in the U.S. Supreme Court and the Republican Party intends to investigate thousands of alleged cases of election fraud and to file criminal complaints.

Although Georgia is predicted to go to Mr. Biden, because the vote difference is less than .5 percent, an automatic recount has already been triggered. There are potential recounts in other states, depending on the outcome of numerous Republican lawsuits.

Translated by Yi Ming and edited by Michael Segarty

Rewritten by Hermann Rohr

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