Hungarian Conductor Invents Face Mask That Enhances Music

Iván Fischer wearing the mask he designed.

A Hungarian conductor has designed a new face mask that enhances music. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

The spread of COVID-19 has necessitated that we wear face masks to protect ourselves from being infected. In the past few months, people have come up with innovative mask ideas, elevating face masks from a simple utility accessory to something fashionable or creative. A Hungarian conductor is currently in the news for a radical new design of the face mask — one that enhances the music. 

Music face masks

The conductor, Iván Fischer, is the founder of the Budapest Festival Orchestra. His unique face mask has two hand-shaped covers that occupy the area behind the ears. Both protrusions are transparent so that the view of concert audiences is not blocked too much. “I got to this idea that it should look like a hand because when we put our hands here… we always understand the other person easier, we hear the consonants, and the music sounds much more beautiful,” Fischer said, as reported by ABC.

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A man cupping his hands behind his ears.
Iván Fischer designed the mask to resemble hands cupped behind the ears. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

The two hand-shaped protrusions apparently improve the acoustics. As such, the sounds of the orchestra get a richer and warmer tone, making the experience that much better for the audience. According to Fischer, his music face mask emulates church acoustics. The masks are available in two colors — white and black. Sold for around US$37, the mask has already become popular with orchestra audiences. One audience member who tested the mask at a performance admitted that the music sounded better and that differences were clearly felt.

Innovative face masks

The following are some of the innovative face masks people have come up with during the pandemic.

LED masks

For people who like to stand out from the crowd, LED masks are a no-brainer. Once you wear these masks and walk down the street, it is inevitable that people will check you out due to the dazzling colors of the LED lights. This is true, especially in the dark. What’s more, there are LED masks that allow you to customize the movement of the LED light pattern to correspond with the movement of your lips.

Face printed masks

Some people hate the fact that half their face is covered by a mask. If you are among them, consider using a face-printed mask. As the name suggests, the mask will feature a picture of the lower portion of your face, giving an uncanny appearance as if you are not wearing a mask.

Transparent masks

If you want people to see the expressions on the lower half of your face, a transparent mask is the best solution. Plus, the design of these masks allows deaf people to lip-read the other party. Apple has developed an in-house transparent face mask for its employees, something that has gained the approval of the FDA. Another solution is the Leaf Transparent UV Mask, which cleans itself by using UV-C self-sterilization technology.

Men and women modeling a transparent face mask.
Transparent face masks allow people to see your expression. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Remote-controlled masks

With regular masks, you will have to remove them every time you want to eat or drink something. But what if you don’t want to remove the mask while eating? To address this need, some companies have created a remote-controlled mask.

The front section of the mask can be split open through a remote when you want to ingest something. Once the food is inside your mouth, you can use the remote to seal back the mask. Some might feel this to be a bit over-the-top. But for those who are obsessively worried about removing the mask when away from home, like when visiting a restaurant, this is the way to go.

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