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Three Lucky Animals Bring Good Fortune to the Family

In the past in China, especially in the countryside, it was common for extended families to live together. People were used to hearing the wise sayings of their elders. One saying is that “three lucky animals bring good fortune to the family.” So what are the three animals and how does seeing them bring good fortune to the family?


In the countryside, people considered the appearance of the magpie as one of the everyday matters to signify happy events. In people’s minds, magpies can bring good luck. When people see magpies, they will feel that something good will happen to them in the long run. So, people will not do anything to harm them.

If magpies often stay in the yard, it will be a good sign for the family. If a family is not harmonious and always has loud quarrels, the family members may want to run away from home. Naturally, it is unlikely to see any magpies appear around this type of family.


Dogs are familiar members of families who lived in rural areas. Many people still keep dogs as pets to get rid of loneliness and increase the joy of life.

A black dog running outside
Dogs can increase the joy of life. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Dogs can bring joy and happiness to a family in addition to guarding the home. Especially for children, having a loyal dog’s company will add many good memories to their childhood. Being brilliant, patient, and able to understand human beings, dogs can help cultivate children’s character.

Generally speaking, in a family with a dog, the children’s feelings will be deeper and more delicate, and their tempers will be relatively better.


If there were swallows nesting on the house’s beams, the elders would tell the children not to bother them or make a lot of noise. They believed that if swallows build nests near a home, it means that the family atmosphere is harmonious, and the family members are friendly when dealing with others.

Besides, people say that swallows will bring good luck to the family, so even if the swallows leave, the family members will not destroy their nest, and hope that the swallows will continue to stay in this nest when they arrive next year.

Five swallows in a nest.
Even if the swallows leave, the family members will not destroy their nest in hopes that they will come back to it the next year. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

The above are the three lucky animals mentioned in the old sayings. If these three animals appear in the family, it is a sign that the family atmosphere is comfortable and harmonious. People who grow up in this type of family are naturally both principled and well-mannered.

Translated by Joseph Wu

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