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Foods That Can Improve Memory

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Do you often leave your wallet or phone behind only to think of them after leaving home? Or can you never recall where you last put certain things around the house? Have you become forgetful despite your young age?

The early loss of memory for most people is often due to accumulated pressure from work, staying up late, having an irregular sleep pattern, overuse of the brain, or long-term fatigue. When the body is not well-rested for long periods of time, memory can deteriorate. Increasing memory loss can lead to a risk of dementia. What can be done? The following soups and foods can help nourish the brain and maintain health.

Longan and lotus seed congee

This soup can be served as a tea or a midnight snack. This combination of ingredients allows more space in the brain to enable the hippocampus to grow so as to strengthen memory. This soup is best served when you need to stay up late. 

Ingredients: 5 g jujubes, 15 g dried longan, 30 g glutinous rice, and 15 g dried lotus seed. 

Longan and lotus seed help enhance memory,

while jujubes and glutinous rice nourish the spleen and stomach. This recipe can help sharpen your memory and clear the mind to enhance focus. 

Longan congee
Eat longan and lotus seed congee to help sharpen your memory. (Image: Screenshot / YouTube)

Longan and walnut soup

Ingredients: longans, walnuts, Indian buead tuckahoe, spine date seed, and white tremella. Tremella should be soaked for about 40 minutes and torn into small bits to boil with other ingredients.

Chinese people believe that “you are what you eat.” Walnuts are shaped like a brain, making them beneficial for brain health. Indian bread tuckahoe helps the heart. Spine date seed is a sleep inducer. Longan sharpens the mind and nourishes the spleen and stomach. Tremella replenishes collagen and makes the joints more flexible. 

Three foods that enhance memory

1. Pumpkin

Pumpkins contain carotene, which is a good antioxidant and helps with memory retention. It is also rich in selenium which is good for your eyes. 

Pumpkins contains carotene which is a good antioxidant and helps with memory retention. (Image: via Denisse Leon via Unsplash)


Strawberries contain anthocyanin, which helps slow down the aging of the brain. Organically grown strawberries are the best option and should be thoroughly washed.


The lecithin content in eggs can help power up the brain.  It can freshen and power up the brain. Eggs are thus a good food choice to enhance brain health.  

Translated by Cecelian and edited by Cherry He

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